The Brofessional


Why is it that people feel like they can talk to you a certain way just because you are riding a skateboard or look like a skateboarder? About a week ago I walked into a Beverages &amp More (Bev Mo to the uber-hip) to pick up some beverages and more. I found myself standing in line behind a couple of older gentlemen, waiting to purchase my goods. When the transaction was completed the clerk replied with a perfectly professional, “Have a good night Sir.” The two gentlemen left, and I was the next to be attended to. I placed my goods on the counter expecting the same cordiality the previous patrons received. Instead, I was met with a humble, “What's up Bro?” The clerk went from professional to brofessional in the blink of a patronizing eye.

The guy behind the counter was in his mid 20's, and I think it was his way of trying to say , “Hey man, this job thing is just a show, I'm really just like you.” Regardless, I felt awkwardly like I was supposed to give him a secret skateboard brotherhood handshake and then have a discussion on the blank deck situation or something. This wouldn't even be an issue if he had addressed the guys in front of me similarly, but he didn't.

The clerk was of Hispanic origin, and I can't help but wonder what he would have done if when I approached the counter I greeted him with an “Odelay holmes?” It's safe to say that if I hadn't been in light “spirits” that night, I may have broken out in fisticuffs. Luckily the situation ended peacefully with me quietly paying and leaving. Shortly after I got home, thanks largely to my newly acquired beverages and more, the clerk wasn't even a blip on my gaydar.

You've heard this Angry Skateboarder express distaste before about the stereotyping of skateboarders, but I never thought I'd be complaining about it happening at an over-glorified liquor store. Maybe the next time I need beverages, or more for that matter, I'll get my tux on and head over to a 7-Eleven instead. Anyway, the moral of the story is simple, Bev Less &amp Skate Mo.

wow some people get really mean on here. i think it might possibly be jealousy because you can ***** about whatever you want on here and all they can do is leave a comment for you. this is classic.

anyways i like your wirting and you’re pretty good on guitar when we play rockband.

smash it up

This is my favorite one because this is the one were u could read peoples minds. U shouldnt be called the angry skateboarder.. No wait! How about the wizard mind reader prick! yeah! Don take kindness for weakness. And also i think this anger problem goes deeper into the rabbithole than we know. Its time to clean our you closet.

An IP address is like a digital finger print. Everytime you leave a comment on a website, your IP address is recorded. The nice thing about running your own skateboard news site is that when people put stupid comments up, I can check their IP address and if necessary, ban them from making future comments. When I checked the IP address on the comment above from Rickmeister, I came across something interesting. Apparently Rickmeister doesn’t have much to do at work.

Seems like The Angry Skateboarder is angry about everything, even when someone tries be cool to him. What a waste of perfectly good internet space. The Angry Skateboarder should “Skate MO” and “***** Less”.

don’t be an elitest skate prick like 90% of skateshop/park lurkers. be a bro. being a bro is ooooook. get over yourself and go skate.

so leme get this straight… after you get drunk yer “gaydar” does down…good times!

If you ever find yourself needing “more” without the beverages, I hear Long John Silver’s is the place for that.