The Berrics – Active Skate Night

billy steve terell
erik steve

The Berrics is the brainchild of Steve Berra and Eric Koston who put together an amazing skatepark in which their friends and invitees get to skate. The guys were gracious enough to let us hold the first of a handful of Active Skate Nights at the Berrics. This video shows you a little bit of the rip-a-dee-doo-dah that went down on the street course of destiny. Some special guests making cameos in the video are Billy Marks, Erik Ellington and Steve Berra. Terell Robinson was also in the house but the camera man was already in the editing room when Mr. Robinson showed up! Check out the Active rippers and special guests…

Thank you Steve and Eric!

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anyone know
when Ellington’s new shoe coming out?
along with Johnny Layton’s?

nugget is the man
and fergie holds it down
i dont know who johnny is
but stop hating dawgg
and talk is cheap homie
instead of running your mouth
how about you try to outskate fergie

Erik Ellington is the inly dude who didnt fit in that clip. Everyone had a nice style and was easy to watch, but Erik just looked bad. sorry dude

Have Johnny meet me at SPRUCE_You dont talk about FERgie That way- Ill teach you a lesson- Today at 5pm SPRUCE DAWG