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Greg Custer The Angry Skateboarder

Introduction by: Mark Spider

Welcome to the 1st edition of the Angry Skateboarder with Greg Custer. Whenever he feels like it, Active employee Greg Custer will sound off about everything that grinds his gears in the world of skateboarding.

Greg Custer is a 24 year old skateboarder from West Covina, California who has been skating for more than 12 years. In the course of those 12 years, Greg has developed quite a long list of gripes about skateboarding, in this column each week he'll share them with you and you can agree or disagree with him as you please. Welcome to the premiere edition of….


Well hello to all of you in skateboard wonderland. This is the first installment of The Angry Skateboarder. Let me start off by saying that I do in fact love everything about skateboarding the pain, frustration, the love and the hate that comes with the territory. Unfortunately, this forum will not be for how rad your last session was or how good your breakfast burrito was this morning. It will be for YOU and ME to vent our frustrations and tell our horror stories from our day to day of skateboarding. So let me start this off with a walloper of a tale that happened to me not too long ago::..

Angry Skateboarder

It was a perfect evening for shredding in So Cal so we headed down to the Norco park just down the road. Scott, Aric and I got out of the car, got our 20 minute stretch in and prepared for total annihilskation. Soon after, two trucks pulled up at the park with a megaload of Bros. They get out with bikes, mini dirt bikes and a couple of skateboards and started to head into the park. Right away we knew the session was going downhill, fast. So, I'm skating around and some dude yells out, “Bro, do a christ air for us!” “Are you retarded,” I replied. Apparently he didn't like my tone, so they continued to bother me for the rest of the session. Needless to say, I was pretty angry at this point and wondered why these guys thought they were so cool. A bit later, they take off up to their trucks. I thought these guys were finally leaving, but I was dead wrong. Six of them hop into a Ford Expedition and the other 4 into a Chevy S-10 and cruise down this big grass hill and onto the soccer field next to the skate park. They start burning out and doing donuts all over the soccer field. Next thing I knew, the Ford Expedition flips onto its side. Everyone hopped out of the truck and began trying to flip it over. Scott and I were laughing hysterically at these guys as they teeter totter the truck to get it back on its wheels. It nearly crushed five dudes underneath it during the process. They finally get the truck back on its wheels and desperately try and scurry out of the park before the cops get there. Unfortunately, if you drive an S-10 you know it's not the best vehicle for off-roading. The S-10 guy gets stuck trying to get up the grass hill which was wet and muddy from his bro cruising up it seconds before. After he fails at that, he backs up and decides that going up the snake run of the park was the best way out. He speeds up the snake run and gets to the top where there is a volcano type hump… Crash, bang, screeeeeeeech!!!! I look over and the guy has his truck high centered on the volcano. Instantly, all his homies come over to help get his truck off the volcano. They lift it up a bit and scoot it to the side, smart guy backs up a bit and high centers the truck on the volcano again. All we can do at this point is stare and bask in the humor of the whole situation. All the guys come back to help him again and finally the guy gets his truck off the volcano. Both vehicles race out of the park and at this point, the session was already over and not to mention there was grass, oil, and mud all over the park. If something like this happens to you, here is a suggestion of what to do Ban together with all the other skaters in the park and start kicking ass and taking names. It's the only way to show that a skate park is not the place for brotivities.

Until next week,

Greg Custer (The Angry Skateboarder)

You put so much meaning into it i felt like i was right there with the action. Too bad i didnt have any popcorn or candy. haha good lord that was the worst “This one time” story ever told. U should look into changing proffessions greg. Im sure ull do just fine as a substitute teacher reading story books to kindergardeners or you could just use some of ur own tales. It wont matter to them.

sounds exactly like how my town is like…. people always do dougnuts in the dirt field next to our park and the dirt blows over and f**ks everything up…and the bikers use up like everysingle obstacle in the park for like 10 minutes straight without letting anyone try their tricks …ruins your whole concentration

Rad story, but you switched back and forth between past and present tense a million times. I hope you’ll stick with one tense in all your future installments. :0)

mmm i hear ya dog. i live ina pretty shittty place called meriden CT and the outdoor skateparks seem to atract a wide variaty of homeboys and 14 year old *****, who seem to do the same (yell out retarded bull **** they saw or heard on the x games or some wack other ****). the thing i hate most about this is the homeboys, thugs, wangsters whatever u want to call them, u go to a skatepark to have fun chill with yr crew and just get away from real life and when u get there u have to deal with these assclowns harrassing u and when u say something or look at them wrong then you’ve got a situation on yr hands were your either going to end up fighting or haveing to just deal with them clowning on you and yr friends and makeing yr sesh very frustrating. but whatever i guess thats what comes with haveing the park therre. **** em do as the angrey guy up there says and make em bite the curb!

I hate that **** when your minding your business and someone wants mess with you calling out tricks for you like your their pet monkey

You should have taken down their license plate numbers and reported them. It’s stories like this that frustrate me to no end. I grew up in the eighties and nineties when it was illegal to skate anywhere. Now when we finally have legal places to skate we have to deal with idiots like these.