The Angry Skateboarder – Flatbar Session

Here is Active’s very own Angry Skateboarder showing a flatbar who’s boss.

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Flat bars are fun but something about that Cameron kid and his posts lead me to wonder if he is a skater or a post ho questing the internet for things to post lame comments on… You should fight him Angry

Sha doo,
Havin’ shome trouble breathin’.
Nishce footage angry shkateboarder.
Shee shee shlip-on shoo goo.

bbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllliiiiiiininnnnnnnn’ ……whats up wit it …. i thought the skating was alright but the real reason why im commentin is cause i dont think you shoulda fired me dog you know i was the best puller you ever had….so if you gotta spot hit me up dog ……oh and if you want i got a new cd out you should hit me up if you wanna here that new ****

Aw man. I knew it was too good to be true. I just wanted one last burn. By the way, nice footy.

speaking of a foot high look who we have here. burn any bridges lately richard?

its not that easy. i can’t do them. at least the dude skates pretty good, lots of people in the skate industry can’t even kickflip let alone skate a flatbar.

wow i thought old people who work for companies/mailorders sucked or skated bowls…thanks for making me realize that the industry actualy has people thats skate