The Angry Skateboarder Blames it on the Rain

Angry Rain Skating
Rain Cloud

I think today's installment is one we can all relate to. Yesterday I worked all day just waiting for the minute I could get out of here to go skate. Around 4pm or so I heard a loud noise, “Is that thunder?” I heard someone say from behind me. “Nope, that's just God bowling,” said Mark Spider. I ran to the front door, and much to my dismay, it was indeed raining. Luckily it cleared up just in time for me and my crew to knock out a quick sesh. See Photo Below.

Angry Rain Skating

I live on the east coast too and it does rain alot yes but dont cry about it =]The east coast rocks we have new york

Try Living in northwest of washington near seattle!
can hardly get any footy…
lucky californians and there sunshine…
F**K Washington!

The way it works for me is there may be a chance of rain but nothing happens until I get ready to leave to go skate. Its done that so many times I cant count.

I can’t believe we stood under that yellow umbrella just to see Greg lose. Next time you’ll take our advice and leave your skateboard at the finish line.

boohoo you live on the east coast where it rains more often, try living on the west coast you whiny beehotch

i hate rain , i like snow cuz i can snowboard, but bright days with brand new decks ,and nice skateparks makes me want to skate forever!!!!skating is the best….almost,tensor,oakley,nike6.0,MOB grip,bones wheels,and reds bones bearings