The Active Am Phoenix Trip

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Some photos before the trip:

We’re traveling light…

Pshebelski’s takin’ along his two babes, Death & Wish… Follow him on Instagram: @dustttnbones

Chase Webb’s on Instagram too! Follow: @chasewebb

Ethan Loy! Follow: @ethanloy

Alex Valdez is just livin’ easy… Follow: @valdeezy

Pshebelski & Gregson

Chase & Denzel White

Pshebelski’s luggage…

Clint Walker in the trip! Follow: @theclintorous

@chasewebb tre flippin’ a cruiser…

Pshebelski’s cruiser’s rad too, made it himself!

Clint is really traveling light. All he needs is a pillow & his skateboard… he doesn’t need shoes!

Clint & Chris

Me: “Let’s get a group shot on top of the van!…”
Corey: “No, I don’t wanna dent it!”

Happy Chase!

Here’s the group photo op…
(the one on the flyer was shot by Dragonette.)

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