Temecula Game of Skate

Game of Skate April 19th 2009 2pm at the Active store in Temecula. Just another excuse to get the homies together and inspire eachother to do some tricks. Winner takes all! See you there!

Temecula game of skate april 19 2009

Escondido game coming very soon! We just did one last month. Where were you? It’s better to spread the love around and make it special. Bye!

I agree with dtmpower their is nothing but bro’s in Temecula but thats just going to make it easier to win and since im going to be out there i’ll hit it up

Esco is better temec has a bunch a bros. bring it to rincon, game of skate down the FOUR, ten, nine, and maybe even down the 5 flat 7.