Tampa Pro 2015 Qualifiers & Best Trick

So this is Saturday, the next day after Friday, duh… Stoked to see that our Active team rider and good homie, Anthony Schultz made it in the semi-finals! If you were watching the live webcast, he had a pretty killer run. Billy Marks got $50 for a tre flip to flat too. Here are some photos from that day.

Justin Brock front smith
Tyrone Olson
Evan Smith with a speedy Front Smith
Dave Bachinsky rules
Toy Machine has a posse, Billy Marks, Josh Harmony, & Leo Romero! Oh!
Anthony Shetler pulled this one off
Brian Anderson!
Aaron Herrington killed it
Grant Taylor caught me off guard, last second photo snap.
Louie Lopez
David Gonzalez
yes Evan Smith ruled it in his qualifying run
Greyson Fletcher
Ben Raybourn goes at it!
Billy Marks & Matt Price, camera talk?
There he is!
Mike V. takes it back to the 90’s. Check out Bart Jones‘ angle & light, way sick
the hat flying trick to bail
epic bail!
Billy Marks tre flip to flat in the best trick. $50.
best trick contest
Skatepark of Tampa’s Paul Zitzer gets emotional
best trickers
the party here starts at 9pm. Photos from that will be for the next blog post
Jenkem Mag sighting