Tampa Pro 2015 Semi-Finals & Finals

It was one humid weekend full of endless gnar… but we survived it! Tampa was great. The day began with the moat race (photos from that in the previous post.) Afterwards, Anthony Schultz had the first heat in the semi-finals. Congrats to active pro, Trevor Colden for getting 4th place, & also congrats to Luan Oliveira for winning it all! Here are the photos I took from that day.

Trevor Colden front blunt
Trevor Colden front blunt
Anthony Schultz gap lip
Anthony Schultz gap lip
Grant Taylor's board
Grant Taylor’s board
overview of the legendary newly renovated Skatepark of Tampa
I think Grant Taylor’s run was starting, this guy got in position.
Tommy Fynn gap back overcrook
go Trevor!
Curren Caples flowing
Chris Cole – Big Japan Air
Colden front blunt pop over
Colden front crook to fakie
Brian Anderson stoked on Trevor’s run
everyone was stoked
Schultz killed it in his heat.
Anthony Schultz – backside boneless
kid giving back Grant Taylor’s board
colden back smith
he’s got neat form
Ishod Wair – gap noseblunt
Weekend at BA’s
Lil’ Wayne da Weezy sighting
Aaron Herrington wallride grab out
OH hey Nyjah!
battle of the medias
Chaz Ortiz
Can’t get enough Trevor Colden!
Nyjah Huston gap kickflip front board
Ishod Wair is a G!
Ishod front board up the rail
Ishod front blunt kickflip out to fakie
tres luchadero’s
Youness Amrani killed it. Hi fives for everybody!
here’s another back noseblunt by Trevor, different heat, different angle
Nyjah Huston rolling around with an injury. Can’t stop him.
Ishod Wair tre flip
Snap it! Got some cash in there too.
give the crowd what they want!
podium time
I’ve seem to have misplaced myself at this point
SPoT’s Brian Schaefer
the trophies
crowded house
i see the monster girls
yeah B.A.! Tom Penny Rules made by @skateswords
yep, Luan wins!
all wet n stuff
yeah Luan!
Welp, that’s that. Congrats Luan Oliveira!

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