Tampa Pro 2009 Photos!

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Tampa Pro has once again come and gone and this time, like the others, was amazing. This year the SPOT guys had a FUELtv Live HD Webcast going on that was really well done and was viewed by numerous countries around the world. Our boy, Paul Rodriguez barely got inched out of the first place spot by Greg Lutzka and Chaz Ortiz came in 3rd place. The Skateboard Mag ‘Fan Favorite’ award went out to Brian Anderson for ruling at skateboarding and life. Check out the Finals, the Semi’s and the best trick are all available to watch in HD on the FUELtv website. For official results from the weekend check out Skatepark of Tampa’s Website.

All Photos: Erica Yary

tampa 09 killed it….too bad active erica’s busted grill is in these pics…get the **** rider off the scene

Holy crap that comment was riddled with spelling errors. I guess I even get tongue twisted behind the computer screen too.

Yea dude, I ended up with like 683 pics I had to sort through. the famed one it the one of me and erica. she even better in real life if thats possible.