Tampa Am – Active Ams killed it!

Active Ams

Last weekend January 19th-21st at Tampa Am 2007, Active Am's shut down most of the competition. There were over a hundred skaters to begin with at the start of the competition and Active rider Justin Figueroa came in 8th place in the Street Finals and Active rider David Loy came in 9th place in the street finals. The top 5 of Tampa Am were:

Felipe Gustavo

Sierra Fellers

Grant Taylor

David Gonzalez

Evan Smith

Torey Pudwill came out on top in the Best Trick Contest by landing a nollie heelflip krook on the big rail at S.P.O.T and went home with first place a new laptop and some other prizes.

Congratulations to all of the Active riders who came out on top this year!