Tampa Am 2008 Results & Photos

Tampa Am has once again come and gone. Every year the talent steps up their game and every year there the competition goes off like a KISS concert, minus the pyrotechnics and the band itself. The judges had the difficult job of scoring some amazing skateboarding and only being able to bring 12 guys to the top. Active had a bunch of guys in the semi finals including John Dickson (who recently won Damn Am Amsterdam) and David Loy but the guys who made it to the finals and placed top 12 were Theotis Beasley and Chris Gregson. Congratulations guys!

Not only were there over 200 guys skating in the 3 days of Tampa madness, there were thunder storms, power outages, bbq’s, an annual moat race and of course all the craziness that goes along with bringing together hundreds of skaters at hotels and downtown parties.

Thanks to the guys at the Skatepark of Tampa for showing being great hosts and for putting on a great contest.

We will be posting footage from the weekend up soon as well. For now, check out the photos and the contest winning run by Ryan Decenzo.

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Second place Ben Hatchell’s run:

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Third Place Davis Torgerson’s run:

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1. Ryan Decenzo
2. Ben Hatchell
3. Davis Torgerson
4. Felipe Gustavo
5. Vincent Alvarez
6. Chazz Ortiz
7. Chris Gregson
8. Shane O’Neill
9. Taylor Smith
10. Filipe Ortiz
11. Theotis Beasley
12. Chris Troy


whoa whoa whoa whoever got that active tattoo is a moron!!!!

hopefully they atleast work at active or something so it isnt completly gay

its jon dickson, not dixon. i’ve skated with him and chazz at warp. congrats to everyone, it looked like a great comp.