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Creature’s Newest Unearthly Video…Hesh Law!

Halloween is everyday for the Creature team!!! These guys are seriously sick.  Sick in the head…and sick on a skateboard!!! They R.I.P everything from ditches to rails to parks to vert to red curbs.  You need to check this video out… otherwise these guys will come for your soul!

creature hesh law

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Active Army Alex Valdez

Straight repping the Long Beach Army is Alex Valdez. Long time homie, you may have seen him at Active demo events, out at local skateparks, or just street spots, skating it up. Down for Active and supporting for a minute now! Shredding for JSLV, VOX, Fury Trucks, Kontrol Wheels and now Active! Always full of smiles, be sure to slap hands and say what’s up when you see him around. This is Alex Valdez, Long Beach Active Army. Big thanks to Serg for quality part! HUURRAAHHHH!!


If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a part of this army cruise by your local Active and talk to the team manager. Read below for more details  


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