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Chris Gregson’s “Masters Of Wizardry” Part

You haven’t seen enough of Chris Gregson yet… he’s been one of Active’s longest team riders since he was 12. But just in case you were in hiatus from the internet, HE’S BLOOD WIZARD‘S NEW PRO!

As Seen On Thrasher: “From pool to ditch to handrail, and even on a dirt track, Gregson’s all-terrain prowess pulverizes whatever is in his path. See you in Hell!

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SOTY 2014 PARTY!!!

The anticipation on who was getting this year’s SOTY & KOTR was really biting me so I last minute decided to drive up to SF unplanned just to witness this in person!
Front row to the #KremerSOTY2014 / #KOTR2014 party, highlight of the year! Congrats to Birdhouse for the King of the Road win & Wes Kremer for 2014’s SOTY. And on top of that, seeing Shannon & The Clams, Bass Drum of Death, & Naughty By Nature play all the old school hip-hop jams ruled!!!
#thankyouskateboarding, San Francisco, The Phelper, & Thrasher Magazine for the most gnar experience! Wes Kremer rules!

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Shake Junt’s Skate Tank Premier @ Baker Boys

Trips from the Shake Junt team van “Skate Tank” all gathered into one big epic montage. A 3 part series on Thrasher, being released onto DVD soon after. Full VX, just makes it a true Baker/Shake Junt classic. A night to remember filled with the raddest mini ramp session & all the homies. Thanks Steve Hernandez @ Baker Boys for the invite!

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