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We are more than HYPED for our buddy Chris Joslin. Watching him grow from being an Active Army team rider for the Active Long Beach shop, to non stop clips on his Instagram, to a heavy Etnies welcoming part, & a full mind blowing part on PLAN B TRUE. It was a gnarly year that’s for sure. This dude is on fire. The Skateboard Mag presents to you, 2014 Year’s Best Am. Congrats Chris!
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Filmus Zine 2 Release @ Kingswell Los Feliz

Stoked for the homie Jacob Messex. He shoots some rad photos and at the age of 19, already has a gnarly portfolio. He’s also a staff photographer over at The Skateboard Mag. His side project, Filmus Zine, are a collection of photos shot on film, from medium format to 35mm. Rad dude! If you stumble upon him on the streets, say what up!

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Guy Mariano x The Skateboard Mag

We joined in celebrating a new era of print excellence from The Skateboard Mag at BLACK. What an honor to be there surrounded by legends in skateboarding. This issue is a really special one considering a living legend is on the cover and that it’s the first issue released with The Berrics backing it. Congrats to Guy Mariano on the cover! Also congrats to The Skateboard Mag & Berrics. The new printed issue looks awesome!

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Filmus Zine Release & Photo Show @ Kingswell Los Feliz

My good buddy and aspiring-skateboarding-photographer-extraordinaire, Jacob Messex from The Skateboard Mag just had his FILMUS zine release / photo show at Kingswell Los Feliz (a skate/tattoo shop/gallery run by Patrick Melcher & DJ Chavez). The first zine itself also holds film photography by Arto Saari, Matt Gottwig, Patrick Driscoll, & Sagan Lockhart.
Active Pro, Nuge was there spinning records. It was a fun night with all the homies that were there, check out the photos from that night!:

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Figgy The Skateboard Mag Cover

Active Pro Justin Figueroa aka Figgy got the cover of the new The Skateboard Mag. Check that [email protected] is BEAST!


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