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The Art Dump Presents: Clocked In @ THIS Gallery

Girl Skateboard Company‘s full-time art department “The ART DUMP” presents to you “Clocked In” @ THIS Gallery in L.A. featuring works from:
Eric Anthony, Hershel Baltrotsky, Michael Coleman, Andy Jenkins, Christian Morin, Andy Mueller, Chris Waycott



April 6th 7-11PM

THIS Gallery
5906 N. Figeroa St.
LA, CA 90042

Chocolate’s Dump Chunk Series!

If you know anything about the skateboard industry, then you know about The Art Dump. If you don’t know anything about The Art Dump, then I’ll give you a quick heads up.  The Art Dump is, “a group of like-minded creative misfits who work under the same flat roof in Torrance, California. They are, essentially, the Girl Skateboard Company full-time art department”.  They have each designed a graphic with their take on the Chocolate Chunk, and we have them in stock now! Check them out…