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Busted by the cops.

20090206_tahoe_devine_047 (Jake Devine. Snowboard noseblunt. From a different shoot with the T9 crew.)

One of my favorite photographers Mark Kohlman organizes an online action sports photo gallery for ESPN, called Zoom. I used to worked with him while I was a pro snowboarder, and got some of my best stuff then. I try to keep in touch with him these days, which is difficult, but when I can I give him previews of my new photography hoping it will make his gallery.

I was lucky to get this very recent photo of Jake Devine. It almost didn’t happen because we got “caught” by the cops. It was at an empty vacation home, but the neighbors didn’t like our company. Instead of asking us to leave (which we maybe would have), they called the police.

When the cops arrived… blah, blah, blah. Same old story this, same old shit that. I was well spoken when they asked questions… telling them that I’m responsible for my actions, we weren’t destroying anything, we would shovel the snow bump near the rail when we were done, we knew we weren’t bothering anybody since it was a rental home, et cetera et cetera.

They didn’t give a shit, took our info, and when getting Jake’s they all of a sudden changed their tune. -“Oh, Jacob. Why didn’t you tell us in the first place??” -“uhhh, I didn’t think it mattered.”

It turns out Jake’s father is “the man” at the local sheriff station. They let us go immediately. I laughed. I was lucky I got the shot, because they still made us leave.

Here’s a link to the gallery. Photo #5

Bundy Vision 3 Trailer

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Active supports snowboarding and the people that are out there living it on a daily! This is a crew of shredders making it happen! Check out the movie teaser!

The Bundy vision crew has become a mish-mash of friends mainly based out of Salt Lake that love shreddin? the white wave together everyday. Some days it?s gnarly and other days its care free, but were havin a mighty fine time either way. From concrete and metal to bottomless pow, New York to Mammoth and everywhere in between; we?re getting after it! In the days of over produced, Hollywood shred flicks we?re tryin? to take a fresh approach, we?re not trying to make a movie that you watch and it makes you want to quit ?cuz it seems so insane; we want you to WANT to go shred after watchin? our moving picture! Keep it positive kids! It?s about the process not the destination; and good times with the homies! Look for the video coming Fall 2008!

The crew:

Ted Borland, Jesse Lederer, Steve Peirce, Jesse Anderson, The Spedales, Ratass, Matt Piasecki, Ian Bolls, The Nick, and many other amazing friends