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Free B-Sides DVD!

Want a free Emerica B-Sides DVD? Of course you do!!!Well, they’re FREE with a purchase of any regular priced Emerica shoes!

The B-Sides were a great addition to Stay Gold. And now you don’t have to youtube everyone’s part individually… You can watch them all on one disc! These DVD’s are exclusive to Active right now and supplies are limited! So make sure you get one before they’re gone…


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here’s a few to get you hyped…

Emerica Park Crashers

Emerica stopped by our skate park not to long ago for our latest “Park Crashers” video…

Andrew Reynolds, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Justin “Figgy” Figueroa, Braydon Szafranski, Bryan Herman, and Heath Kirchart got in a good session before it got just to damn hot in there.

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Emerica Stay Gold B-Sides Poll

Emerica completely out did themselves this year. Their “B-Sides” webisode follow up to Stay Gold was more than you or I could ask for… or even deserved. Never in a zillion years would I have thought half of those guys had so much extra footage, and really good footage at that! Shoot, some of the B-Sides I enjoyed just as much as Stay Gold! But now that it’s said & done, it’s time for a little “Poll or Die” action. Catch up on the B-Sides with our playlist below, Vote for your favorite part & let us know your thoughts on the Emerica Stay Gold B-Sides?

Vote for your favorite Emerica Stay Gold B-Sides part!

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Brandon Westgate New Emerica Shoe New Part

Emerica released a new Brandon Westgate part in preparation for his upcoming shoe. The shoe is due to hit Active shops in the next week or so. I love watching this kid skate, great follow up to his Stay Gold part. Reminds me of a new school Donny Barley!

Emerica Brandon Westgate New Part:

The Emerica Brandon Westgate Shoe: Brandons first shoe on Emerica features a suede, leather and canvas upper, a thin padded tongue and collar, A full-length internal polyurethane midsole, STI PU Foamâ„¢ Lite level 3 footbed, Double-wrapped vulcanized construction and a 400 NBS natural gum rubber outsole. Check it out!

Emerica Brandon Westgate Shoe

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Emerica Giveaway

See all that sweet Emerica gear in the picture below? We are gonna be giving that package away every week until Christmas! All you have to do is click on the image and enter-to-win…

*The next winner will be picked Monday December 13th.

WINNER #1 Dan Hildreth from Farmington Minnesota !

WINNER #2 Jeffrey Heyer from Dover Florida !

WINNER #3 John Paris from Rancho Cucamonga!


Happy Holidays from Emerica!

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Leo Romero – Skater of the Year

That’s right folks!! Leo Romero is 2010’s Skater of the Year!!! He definitely deserves it! The dude has had one hell of a year… Stay Gold, magazine covers, signature clothing, grinding up handrails, Brainwash, Bro-lab shoes



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Best Video Part in 2010?


Who do you think had the best video part this year? I mean, there’s a lot of competition out there! Brainwash, Stay Gold, Hallelujah… Leo, P Rod, Andrew…

I can’t put everyone on the list, but I can put a few standouts…

Who had the best video part in 2010?

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