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S.O.T.Y. Party!

Cruised it all the way up to S.F. for the weekend to Thrasher Magazine‘s “Skater of the Year” Party at the Mezzanine! Congrats to David Gonzalez for the win! Black Metal San Francisco locals, Stone Vengeance and Midnight, hailing hell all the way from Cleveland, Ohio were RIPPING as well! Fun night!

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Ask The Pros with Leo Romero

Thanks for the questions! We will be filming the answers on Thursday April 7th… STAY TUNED!!

If you’ve seen the new Thrasher mag, then you probably read all the interesting questions all the Pro’s got to ask Leo Romero

Well, we figured you guys probably got some interesting questions of your own! So here’s your chance… ask Leo anything you want! His favorite question will win some cool RVCA clothing!

All questions must be submitted by March 31st.


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Leo Romero – Skater of the Year

That’s right folks!! Leo Romero is 2010’s Skater of the Year!!! He definitely deserves it! The dude has had one hell of a year… Stay Gold, magazine covers, signature clothing, grinding up handrails, Brainwash, Bro-lab shoes



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Leo Romero – Day in the Life

Wanna know what Leo does on a day-to-day basis? We sure as hell did! So we followed him around for the day and he let us film it…

Check it out…

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