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Norman Woods in Hollywood Video

 An amazing talent on the board and on the shred stick (guitar), Active Am Norman Woods shows us around his stomping grounds of Noho and Hollywood in my latest B&W Team Manager video series for Active. I hope you enjoy it!

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—If you’ve happen to miss the past B&W Team Manager video series:


Theotis Beasley in Wilmington



Venice Skate Park w/ Denzel White



Eddie Wall in the Studio





Mucho Love!



Denzel in Venice

Active Am Denzel White gets down for a quick afternoon session at Venice Beach with fellow Active Am Anthony Pshebelski backing him up.

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Insight: Jamie Thomas Overkill Collection

If you’re familiar with Insight, then you know they only make good quality high-end clothing. And if you’re familiar with Jamie Thomas, then you know he’s one of skateboarding’s all-time legends. Here’s a sneak peek at the new Insight collection by Jamie Thomas called Overkill. This collection will be available for your purchasing pleasure in August 2010.


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insight-overkill-l_s-psyche-green inisightoverkillhoodedsom1

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Nike SB Stefan Janoski Black Mint – Sneak Peek

Nike SB is taking the new Stefan Janoski shoe to the “Tiffany Diamond” Black/Mint colorway. The shoe features a suede upper with a stitched swoosh and a vulcanized sole. The stitching is in the “Tiffany” color with a mint outsole as well. These shoes are fire! Check them out…what do you think about them?

These will be released in August 2010 and available right here at Active Ride Shop.


Shop Nike SB here:


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EA Skate 3 is out!

EA Skate 3 is out & in stores! Check out the intro featuring Active Pro Lizard King as well as a full list of way too many big names to list. Plus see below for a 10% coupon for the EA store.

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RVCA Tranny Wars

RVCA and Active Ride Shop team up for this second edition of “Tranny Wars”. It’s a gender bender themed mini ramp contest at the RVCA HQ featuring teams from Active’s 21 SoCal locations. Teams are made up of ripping shop employees and Active Army riders. The boys get extra points for dressing like girls and girls like boys. Brea took home the coveted Barbie Doll trophy, with Temecula and the LBC squad nipping at their heels. A swell time indeed! Thanks to RVCA for all their support!  See you again next year!!

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Smoothest style in skateboarding

Who do you think has the smoothest style in skateboarding?  We listed a few of our favorites below… Let me know yours and I’ll put him on the list!    …oh, and don’t worry, you’ll be able to rip on plenty of people next week when we post who has the sketchiest style…

Who's got the smoothest style in skateboarding right now?

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Nike SB Don’t Fear the Sweeper Trailer

Here’s a new trailer for the upcoming Nike SB video… Don’t Fear the Sweeper.  Be sure and check it out Jan. 11th at nikeskateboarding.com

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 LA Park Shark was a huge success. Each stop was blasted with huge crowds, from moms and pops, bikers to scooter-ers, and just plain and simple the fans of skateboarding. Amazing Skateboarders with  amazing skateboarding skills, throwing down tricks after tricks. At each park through-out Los Angeles, Jarritos’ thundersticks smacking, ice cold Jarritos fruit drinks hydrating all the skaters, and of course with the amazing Corey Cady also known as Frijoles Blancos on the mic

Each park was hand picked based upon being out at these parks, seeing what potential was out there and of course from previous events that were held at these parks. Among all the amazing skateparks in Los Angeles County; Cerritos, West Covina, East LA Belvedere, Long Beach Houghton, Pomona , and Garvanza in Highland Park made the list for Active to hit up. All these parks showed hearts filled of passion. That is what is most important as fellow skateboarder Lizard King says, “Put the passion in the air and let it loose!”

LA Park Shark ended with a bang this past weekend at Garvanza Skatepark. Top three skaters from each stop of the tour advanced to Garvanza Skatepark to battle it out for the finals to victor what LA park has what it takes to be crown the finest. Making it to the finals Long Beach, Claremont(previous known as Pomona) and Garvanza’s very own at it’s home park. As the cream always rises to top Claremont takes first, followed by Long Beach and  last but not least making it at third Garvanza.

A big thanks to Jarritos for making this tour possible. We look forward to hold down more Park Shark making our way into I.E. and OC and see what skateboarding talent is out there to be to be reconized.

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Converse CTS Skateboard Shoe



Converse (or Cons) introduces the CTS as their skateboarding version of the classic Chuck Taylor. With just a few minor tweaks, the CTS goes along way and is sure to hold up while staying true to its classic look.

The CTS has the same shape as the Chuck Taylor, it has the same narrow feel and the same vulcanized sole, no changes here. The real improvements that Converse made were with the insole, the tongue and upper. The insole is as padded as any I’ve seen, especially in the heel (no bruises here), it also has a hard plastic edge around the bottom edge which should help the shoe hold its shape longer and to help prevent the shoe from folding over. The tongue and upper are slightly padded, but this is not your normal shoe foam padding. It almost feels like they are using a memory foam or tempurpedic material, because when you squeeze it in, the foam steadily goes right back into place. Finally, on the all suede version, the rubber toe cap was replaced with a suede cap. This is going to give you a better grip for your flip in flip out.

If I had 4 thumbs I’d give the CTS 4 thumbs up! Converse successfully revamped a classic shoe without destroying it… I only have one wish… revamp and bring back the original one star!

Buy the Converse CTS shoe here We have it in Black/White suede, Black/Red leather and White canvas.