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Taco Shoesday Vans Syndicate Chukka Low S Shoe!


We all know Taco Tuesday is thee day to head out to your favorite taco place and chow down on some tasty tacos for a really cheap price.   Well for Taco Shoesday we’ll be reviewing and taco-bout shoes from Nike SB, Vans, Adidas to Supra, Gravis and many more.

This week we’re starting it off with the Vans Syndicate Chukka Low S Ballistic shoeVans Syndicate is a limited skateboard footwear collection. The style is based on classic Vans-models, but the materials, innersole and execution is always modified for better skate performance. Collections are released every year, and Vans has collaborated with artists/designers such as Mr. Cartoon, W-Taps, Neckface amongst others to bring their own style to Syndicate.

The Vans Chukka Low S Shoe is just like any other Chukka low, except it’s slimmed down just a bit with some added details and finishes.   The cool part about this shoe is that the exterior is protected by a Ballistic nylon that makes this shoe extra tough and durable.   It has a water repellent tongue, reinforced detailing, and a Syndicate “S” Syndicate logo at the back heel.  The exterior seems bullet-proof, but it isn’t too heavy.   You can’t beat the price for what this shoe has to offer.  Priced at $69.99 they’re available at Activerideshop.com

Vans Syndicate Chukka Low S Shoe


Vans Chukka Low S Shoe Ballistic


Vans Chukka Low S Shoe Ballistic P


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Vans E-Street Shoe

The Vans E-street shoes consist of comfortable, surf-inspired, and eco-conscious shoes. Each pair features a super soft midsole, rubber outsole, and 100% hemp upper.  They are also made using long-lasting water-based inks and glues. Even though these shoes are surf-inspired don’t let them fool you. They have direct lineage to some of Vans’ best skate shoes and they will be perfect for skating. Check them out below…



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