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Active went #BIGTIME when the Skate Mental & 3D Skateboards team came, crashed, & conquered the private skate park at the Active HQ. If you came early enough, you had the opportunity to skate the park and get a free commemorative hand printed T-shirt! Thanks everybody who took the road trip here out to nowhere land! And #BIGUPS to the everyone at Big Time Distribution: Skate Mental, 3D, & Tired! Thanks to the homies from Thrasher for the edit!

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Skate Mental / 3D Demo & Signing!!!

The homies at Big Time Distribution are crashing at the Active Park on August 30th! Skate Mental and 3D Team Riders confirmed to appear: Austyn Gillette, Shane O’Neill, Brian Anderson, Trevor Colden, Dan Plunkett, Tom Karangelov, Brad Staba, & a special guest! First 50 people get a FREE hand screen-printed on the spot event T-Shirt!


Trevor Colden Park Crashers!

Skate Mental & Active‘s newest pro, Trevor Colden stopped by the warehouse to check out his new boards and decided to crash the park real quick.

Check out his new whips!


filmed by: Cameron Holland (hes tight too- follow him @csholland)

TREVOR COLDEN – Park Crashers from Active Ride Shop on Vimeo.

Skate Mental Contest!

We Have A Winner!!!

Congratulations to Scott DeYager from Long Beach California!!!


Be on the look out for a box of goodies comin’ your way courtesy of Skate Mental and Active!

Brad Staba wants to give you something… but I’m not really sure what?? I guess that depends on how good (or bad) your designs are for this Skate Mental contest. Basically, you just have to come up with a board graphic for them… You might win something, you might not. Haha…It’s totally up to Brad. :)


Just click HERE or on the image below for the template and official rules. All entries must be submitted to [email protected] or you can print out your design and mail it to:

Active 12087  Landon Drive Mira Loma, CA 91752 Attn: SIAM

The deadline to submit your designs is August 12th.


Shop Skate Mental here:


Nike SB, Skate Mental, and you…

Everybody knows that Nike has one of the best skateboarding teams around with names like Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Gino Iannucci, Theotis Beasley, and Lance Mountain. What some people might not know is that one of Nike’s original riders is Reese Forbes. Well, Reese Forbes also rides for one of the sickest companies out right now…Skate Mental. They have some of the best graphics that have ever been printed on a skateboard, like the Skate Mental Alien vs. Predator deck with E.T. and Michael Jackson, or the Matt Beach Mrs. T deck. So what do Nike and Skate Mental have in common besides Reese Forbes? They have come out with a Nike X Skate Mental line of Tee’s, Jackets, and Backpacks. Don’t sleep on it!! Scope them out NOW!


Skate Mental Signing Photos

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Check out the photos from the Skate Mental ‘Am Chowder’ Video Premiere and Signing we held this past Friday at Active Temecula. Also, the winner of the Game of GIRL was none other than Temecula local, Chase Webb. Thanks to the Skate Mental Team; Brad Staba, Daryl Angel, John Motta, Matt Beach and everyone who came out to the event and made it possible. Good luck getting your hands on a copy of Am Chowder.

All Photos: Erica Yary

Game of G.I.R.L.!

Game of GIRL

Active’s teaming up with Girl for a game of S.K.A.T.E. tour challenge. We messed around and throw a bank ramp in the mix, droppped the traditional S.K.A.T.E., turned it into G.I.R.L. for sh*ts and giggles! Polish your bank ramp skills, cruise out to compete, and possible go home with a prize package from Girl. It’s a “winner take all” affair and it’s open to everyone. Sign up @ start time. No pre sign ups necessary! Free giveaways for all in attendance!

P.S. Koston & Mike Mo will be at the Chino stop and the whole Skate Mental crew will help us judge the Temecula one, as well as show thier new video “Am Chowder” Bye!

Daryl Angel – Blogs the Nike Euro Trip

Active Am, Skate Mental patient, and San Jose local, Daryl Angel’s first blog on ActiveRideShop.com

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“So this past summer Nike decide to take a few of us on a full blown Euro trip. The trip consisted of myself, ”stunt wizard man” Justin Brock, good looking David Clark, and “the child” Grant Taylor. We skated quite a few places out there. We started our journey in Colonge, Germany, where I freshly got off the plane and went straight to skating… Talk about jetlag. I also forgot to mention, within the first few hours of skating, I decide to fall on my shoulder which caused it to get a minor separation. So being that I messed up my shoulder the first day, I was pretty bummed out. Luckily it healed up pretty quickly. I was back on the board in no time. I must also mention we rented a BMW and drove it on the Autobahn. Basically these are a few photos from my Euro Vacation. I’ll get some more up soon.” – Daryl Angel

Check out more photos of the Nike Europe trip on Skateboardermag.com

Active Am Interview – Daryl Angel

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Active Am, Daryl Angel, took the time to answer a few questions for us recently. Daryl has an interview coming out in the Transworld Am Issue which should be hitting stands soon. Make sure you check it out!

Name: Daryl Isaac Angel

Age: 21

Sponsors: Skate Mental, Nike SB, WESC, Royal trucks, Swiss bearings, Spitfire Wheels, Mob Grip, Diamond Supply, and of course Active.

Where do you live? San Jose, California

Who are your favorite people to skate with? SNK Crew

What is your daily skate spot? Sunnyvale Skatepark

When you’re not skating what can people find you doing? Hanging out with my lady friend.

How do you feel being a part of Skate Mental? I feel Mental.

Favorite music at the moment? Band of Horses.

Are you currently filming for anything??? Yes, I’m currently working on the Skate Mental Video.

What?s next for Daryl Angel? Have some Dessert, brush my teeth and watch ?Bad Santa?.

Photos: Dan Zaslavski, Louie Barletta, and Kyle Camarillo