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Taco Shoesday Vans Rowley Classic Shoe!


After an awesome three day weekend, thanks to Martin Luther King day, you’re going to want to indulge on some tacos today!  While you’re waiting check out these Vans Rowley Classic Shoes.  As Geoff Rowley’s first signature shoe, introducing a unique heritage of shoes to a new generation of skateboarders around the world.  A shoe designed in 1999 but gives you performance NOW!

The Vans Rowley Classic Shoe features a molded polyurethane footbed with impactsorb gel heel pads to give you the ultimate cushioning that you need with a textile lining and insole for supreme step-in comfort.  You also get a sleek suede upper with a  pro vulc construction, sticky rubber outsole with signature waffle tread of vans. You can’t ignore a modern classic when you see the updated yet recognizable Geoff Rowley signature shoe.

Vans Rowley Classic Shoe


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The Hundreds X Garfield Shoe

If you remember awhile back we did a post on The Hundreds x Garfield collab. If you don’t remember, then take a look HERE. We wanted to show you the fresh Johnson Mids that came out of this collab. They have the same features as the Johnson Mid with the classic black/orange colorway. Keep an eye out, these will be dropping soon!

Johnson Mid

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Converse CTS Skateboard Shoe



Converse (or Cons) introduces the CTS as their skateboarding version of the classic Chuck Taylor. With just a few minor tweaks, the CTS goes along way and is sure to hold up while staying true to its classic look.

The CTS has the same shape as the Chuck Taylor, it has the same narrow feel and the same vulcanized sole, no changes here. The real improvements that Converse made were with the insole, the tongue and upper. The insole is as padded as any I’ve seen, especially in the heel (no bruises here), it also has a hard plastic edge around the bottom edge which should help the shoe hold its shape longer and to help prevent the shoe from folding over. The tongue and upper are slightly padded, but this is not your normal shoe foam padding. It almost feels like they are using a memory foam or tempurpedic material, because when you squeeze it in, the foam steadily goes right back into place. Finally, on the all suede version, the rubber toe cap was replaced with a suede cap. This is going to give you a better grip for your flip in flip out.

If I had 4 thumbs I’d give the CTS 4 thumbs up! Converse successfully revamped a classic shoe without destroying it… I only have one wish… revamp and bring back the original one star!

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