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Shake Junt’s Skate Tank Premier @ Baker Boys

Trips from the Shake Junt team van “Skate Tank” all gathered into one big epic montage. A 3 part series on Thrasher, being released onto DVD soon after. Full VX, just makes it a true Baker/Shake Junt classic. A night to remember filled with the raddest mini ramp session & all the homies. Thanks Steve Hernandez @ Baker Boys for the invite!

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Taco Shoesday Emerica Reynolds 3 Shake Junt Shoe!


It’s Taco Shoesday so lets taco-bout shoes!  The Emerica Reynolds 3 Shake Junt Shoe is a limited collaboration with Shake Junt and has some pretty rad features.  First off, this shoe has been around for sometime and remains a classic in the skating world.  It’s tough, durable and a resilient shoe that puts up to a thrashin’.  It’s the first-ever vulcanized outsole skate shoe to incorporate heel protection technology, has a seamless toe cap, padded tongue and collar and a foam pro 1 footbed giving you some of the best cushion and comfort.  Shake Junt features include a gold midsole with a green stripe, Shake Junt labeling at the back heel, gold stitching throughout and custom graphic insoles.  Whether your trying to learn new tricks or have a great skate session you’ll grab some eyes with these sweet pair of shoes on ya!

Emerica Reynolds 3 Shake Junt Shoe


Emerica & Shane Heyl present the Reynolds 3 Shake Junt Collab!

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Baker Boys Distribution Skate Park Party

Baker Boys held a private party at their warehouse last night. Mad players rolled through. PBR on ice, it’s a party…

Best trick contest.

Steve with the pizza pies, thanks for the quality pizza hut pizzas. And variety and not just pepperonis.

Thrope and J-Roy on the raffle.

Goat man Shane Heyl and Dougnut.

More photos:
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Deathwish/Baker/Shake Junt Signing

This past weekend we had the chance to have the good people over at Deathwish, Baker and Shake Junt cruise out to Active Rancho for a signing. Fired up the grill and cooked hot dogs and cheeseburgers for all in attendance.

Big ups to the guys over at Deathwish, Baker, and Shake Junt (Doughnut, Flip, Steve) for making it happen. Also big thanks to Andrew, Erik, Shane, Jim and the rest of the crew for making it out.

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KR3W Signing

Kr3w signing went off at Active Chino. School was out for the day and kids were waiting at the store as early as 8 a.m. Big ups to Steve, Brown, Dennis, Shad and the KR3W team for cruising out and making the signing possible. Also, Doug at Shake Junt!

Here are some photos:

Chino staff with the KR3W team

Doug hooking up the kids proper with Deathwish and Junt stickers

Jimmy Greco

Erik and Terry

Spencer and Greg

Lizard King

Jim blessing the kids with skateboards

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Also, check out KR3W for their wrap-up!

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