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Active Army: Mikey Molina 2012

Just getting started is Mikey Molina skateboarding for Active Ride Shop San Dimas. David Payan on the film/edit with additional filming from the homies. Great times continue with Active because of it’s great people! Enjoy!!


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Active Army: Denzel White

Doing proper work for the Active Army is Mr. Denzel White. Denzel skates for San Dimas Active and when he’s not filming he’s taking top spots in contest and is Active’s secrect weapon at Active Army school demos all over Southern California. Visit your local Active and ask how you can join the Active Army

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Feel Free @ Active!!

We are celebrating the release of Aleks Lewandowski’s new film FEEL FREE with two glorious premiere’s! The film features Active Team riders Garret and Gantry Hill, along with rippers Mark Gutterman, Mike Barker and Nate Broussard. The first premiere is next Thursday July 15 8pm at our San Dimas store and the big BBQ party will be the following night July 16th 7pm at the Valencia Active. Peep the trailer here.


Active Army- San Dimas Team

 Active Army riders representing the San Dimas shop Aaron Berry, Mark Armagure and Steven Muro got together with their homies and laid down the law at the San Dimas Skatepark. Big thanks to David Payan for putting the sickness together!! Read below on how you too can join the Active Army

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San Dimas Battle of the Boards

 The Wild Stallions hit me up about a battle of the bands, but I told them to kick rocks cuz I was jammin to the SD park for the battle of the boards. Ofcourse I ran a double pits to chesty, it’s the best move a guy can make, before I ran up on these totally shredding skaters and was all. “You guys ready to batlle, cuz I gots gnarly prizes from Sabre Vision, Royal, and Active. Oh and trip on this Toy Machine and Fallen proffesional Billy Marks is on his way to sign his John Hancock all over this place dude!  Where’s  Shady Dave?”

 After the carnage, Denzel was all like, “I won!” and stuff. But then Steven Muro was all “Second dude”, and Little Mark was like, “Third turds and I don’t even care cuz I was Mexican Blanket Champion when Frijoles Blancos came around and set this place on fire. What now?” Excellent!!

P.S. San Dimas High School Football RULES!

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