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Erin Wasson for RVCA Clothing

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 The beautiful and talented Erin Wasson has recenty been brought on to do a special collection for RVCA Women’s.  If you aren’t familiar with who Erin is take a look at the above photos and you will see why she has become one of the most  amazing super models today.  She is known throughout the Fashion World for her California tomboy-chic style and her effortless take on fashion.  Her collection Erin Wasson x RVCA will have limited ditribution and will only be in select stores  such as Barney’s and Ron Herman.  I can’t wait to get my hands on some of her pieces!  I will keep you posted on what I come across . .  . maybe I will even post some shots for you to see what I splurge on after Christmas!

RVCA Team Signing Photos

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Check out some photos from the RVCA Team Signing we had this past Saturday at Norco Active. Ed Templeton, Josh Harmony, Raymond Molinar, Austin Stephens, Leo Romero, and Kevin Spanky Long were all there signing for their loyal fans. Jimmy the RVCA Team Manager Man of the Year 2008 was there snapping photos and so was your favorite skateboarding mastermind Ed Templeton. Thanks to everyone who came to the signing and to Jimmy and the RVCA Team!

Photos: 1-13 Erica Yary 14-22 Ben Whiting

Sea No Evil Art Show

Sea No Evil Art Show

Sea No Evil Art Show with guest speaker, Paul Watson, live performance by Matt Costa, and Guest DJ Shepard Fairey. The only thing that would make this any better is if when you got there they gave you cash, and some of that really good beef jerky from Bishop. The whole thing goes down Saturday July 12, 2008 at the Riverside art Museum located at; 3425 Mission Inn Ave Riverside, CA (951)  684 – 7111. Go to riversideartmuseum.org or seashepherdartshow.com for more info. Doors open at 6:00 PM.

RVCA Demo @ Active Ride Shop Escondido

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Check out all the action from the RVCA demo that took place at Active Ride Shop Escondido. Leo Romero and Kevin “Spanky” Long got down it. Spanky, in top form after suffering some injuries this past year. The guy is a straight up biker now, so I don’t know if “Spanky” still applies, but whatever, he’s rad. Let’s change it to “Snake”! Our own Anthony Pshebelski (pronounce She Bell Ski! The P is silent!!) threw down like the hungry Am he is. Look out for him to rule the skate planet. Oh, he’s the young man cranking out the switch front side big heels and wearing the killer head band. I know… I’m a brown noser! Watch the video sucka!!

P.S. Leo is the gnarliest!

RVCA Demo & Signing Photos

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The RVCA Team came out in all their glory to Active Escondido, this past Sunday April 27th, for a hundred-degree demo. Aside from the heat, the guys skated it up (uphill) and did their best without getting heatstroke midway through the demo. Leo Romero killed it as usual. If you have the chance to check out any demos that Leo is skating in you should make sure to attend, he is great. Josh Harmony, Ethan Fowler, Raymond Molinar, and Kevin Long were also in attendance skating for the crowd. This was Kevin’s first demo in over a year and Active was happy we got to have his comeback performance, he too killed it. Austin Stephens also showed up to the demo but he couldn’t skate due to a hurt foot, but he did sign it up for everyone. For now check out the photos. We will have a video from the demo posted later this week.

Check out RVCA’s photos from the event. Look out for coverage of the demo on FUEL tv soon as well! Thanks to Jimmy for being the best dude ever.

Photos: Jeremy Adams and Erica Yary

RVCA Team Demo & Signing


RVCA Team Demo & Signing

Sunday – April 27th, 2008


Active Escondido
1230 AutoPark Way
Escondido, CA 92029

Featuring the entire RVCA Team: Leo Romero, Josh Harmony, Ed Templeton, Raymond Molinar, Kevin Long, Austin Stephens, Ethan Fowler, and Keegan Sauder

Text ACTIVE to 81595 to win a RVCA package!
*Standard text messaging rates apply

15% off all RVCA product and a FREE pair of RVCA socks with any RVCA purchase
* valid only at Active Escondido on 4/27 only, while supplies last

RVCA Demo – Wrap Up

Leo Signing a forehead

The RVCA Team came out to Active of Tustin and brought the heat, in the heat. They skateboarded for a few hours and showed the crowd why they are the professionals, and why we are the spectators. Leo “Demo” Romero was ripping in spite of a rolled ankle. Keegan Sauder came all the way from Canada sporting a Boston shirt (the band, not the city) to show Tustin some love. Active's Johnny Layton, who doesn't even skate for RVCA was there throwing it down for the OC. Ed Templeton, Raymond Molinar, Ethan Fowler, Austin Stephens, David Reyes, and Kevin Long, who is recovering from some knee surgery, were all also there representing RVCA.[zp]rvcademo[/zp] Continue reading RVCA Demo — Wrap Up