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The STITCH: It’s about that time again – Snowboarding Season!

The leaves are changing, the weather is finally cooling down, and winter is approaching fast.  This all means one thing – SNOW!  This is my absolute favorite time of the year and I’m so stoked for this upcoming snow season.  Snowboarding is such an exhilarating and exciting sport.  There’s nothing better than the rush of adrenaline that pumps through my body as I zoom down the mountain.  The fresh air relaxes me and all of my worries and stress melt away at the sight of a snow-capped mountain.  Snowboarding gives me a chance to be at one with nature and to experience it to the fullest. To me, snowboarding is the epitome of freedom, and when I’m on the slopes I’m enjoying life!

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See y’all on the mountain!

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Till then!


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Sponsor Me Contest

This past Sunday marked the 10 year anniversary for the Active Sponsor Me Contest held at Mountain High Resorts. It seem like just yesterday that we held the first one at Bear Mountain back in 2001, we at Active are so grateful to have the support of the competitors and our sponsors for this event. For this year’s Sponsor Me contest we tried to incorporate all aspects of park riding with Jumps, rails and boxes and even a half pipe feature. The Competition was pretty intense with over 70 competitors putting it on the line for a chance to win a 1 year rep rider contract from our title sponsors. In the end local boy Brandon Simon can out victorious, with Jeremy Estagay from Mammoth coming in a close second. Thank you to Rome Snowboards, 32 Boots, Vestal, Neff, Skull Candy, Jarritos and of course Mountain High Resorts for helping put this event together. Check back next week for the video.

Shop all snow products here:


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Active Sponsor Me March 21st

Active presents,

The 9th annual “Active Sponsor Me” at Mountain High Resorts. A $10 entry fee gets you breakfast, lunch, a free Neff beanie, and by the end of the day a chance to win $4,000 worth of prizes. Mark your calendar boys and girls and bring the whole family! And don’t worry about the young ones, we got you covered as well with a 12 and under division.

Sign ups at 7:30 am, in cafeteria. Early arrival suggested!

See you at the top.

Active Sponsor Me

Sicktionary By Snowboarder Magazine

Shaun White has probably spent more time on his skate and snowboards since he was born than just about anyone in history, and it shows. Yet how much of what goes on around him does he really take in. ? Some would argue that Shaun is the most influential rider in the history of our sport. T, but that being said, the question remains, —how much of our sport’s culture has Shaun himself been influenced by and retained? This month’s Sicktionary is a little Snowboarding, and Skateboarding, Aptitude Test, or S.S.A.T, if you will. How well would you have fared?
-Pat Bridges

Snowboarder Mag:
How many people can ride a tT-bar?
Shaun White: Two. My mom tried to ride one in Europe and it slipped out and hit her lip, cracking a tooth.
Snowboarder Mag:
Correct. T-Bars are surface lifts that carry two people.

Snowboarder Mag:
What is bevel?
Shaun White:
I am pretty sure it is the angle you want your rails.
Snowboarder Mag:
Correct. It is when you tune your edges to be something other than 90 degrees to help with jibbing or turn initiation.

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Sicktionary by Snowboarder Magazine

Sticktionary by Snowboarder MagazineAnother insightful list of termiology from your friends at Snowboarder Magazine.Lift Ticket [Lihft Tik-it] noun: Displayed to show that the bearer has paid handsomely for access to the ski area’s facilities, most notably the lifts.Clipping Tickets [Klip-ping Tik-its] verb: Procuring lift tickets through less less-than than-legal means.Clipped Ticket [Klipt Tik-it] noun: Having one’s ski area privileges revoked for any manner number of offensces. Continue reading Sicktionary by Snowboarder Magazine

Sicktionary by Snowboarder Magazine

Sticktionary by Snowboarder Magazine

Here some Jib terminology brought to you by Rome’s Yan Dofin, who is no stranger to the “Jib”! Read below to see if you are current with all the jibber jabber on the street!

Smith [smihth] adj: A skateboarding trick that snowboarders once thought they could do. It involves trucks— (which we don’t have—), so leave it alone, ladies and gents.

Firecracker [fi-urr-crahk-urr] verb: Tailpressing down a flight of stairs so your tail slaps each and every step on the way down, making it sound very similar to firecrackers exploding.

Hot Garbage [haht gahr-bij] noun: A frontside boardslide where your board is turned well past the perpendicular 90? mark. The more your tail turns down the hill, the hotter the garbage is.
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Bundy Vision 3 Trailer

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Active supports snowboarding and the people that are out there living it on a daily! This is a crew of shredders making it happen! Check out the movie teaser!

The Bundy vision crew has become a mish-mash of friends mainly based out of Salt Lake that love shreddin? the white wave together everyday. Some days it?s gnarly and other days its care free, but were havin a mighty fine time either way. From concrete and metal to bottomless pow, New York to Mammoth and everywhere in between; we?re getting after it! In the days of over produced, Hollywood shred flicks we?re tryin? to take a fresh approach, we?re not trying to make a movie that you watch and it makes you want to quit ?cuz it seems so insane; we want you to WANT to go shred after watchin? our moving picture! Keep it positive kids! It?s about the process not the destination; and good times with the homies! Look for the video coming Fall 2008!

The crew:

Ted Borland, Jesse Lederer, Steve Peirce, Jesse Anderson, The Spedales, Ratass, Matt Piasecki, Ian Bolls, The Nick, and many other amazing friends

Active Snow Sponsor Me Contest 2008

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?Sponsor Me? what a concept, in day and age where getting noticed is as difficult as finding a parking spot during Christmas time, Active, Rome, Vans, and Von Zipper simply made it easier by bringing the spot light to Mt. High so kids can show their skills for a shot at a 1 year sponsorship from the these respectable companies. This is the 7th Annual Sponsor Me Contest and by far the best one. The course showcased several different jibs as well as the addition of a 40ft jump this year. The riding was better than we could have ever imagined, not to mention the winner had no sponsors what so ever. We are stoked to be hooking him up for this next year! Big thanks to Rome, Vans, Von Zipper, Vestal, Skull Candy, Mt High, Boost Mobil and Vans for all the support on another great year! Continue reading Active Snow Sponsor Me Contest 2008