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Celebrating 20 full years of Chocolate Skateboards at Art Share L.A.! Taking a trip down memory lane with all the series of decks from right when Chocolate started, photos, memorabilia, & what not. It was awesome celebrating it with most of the OG’s from the team and the people behind it all.

out front of the Art Share in L.A.
out front of the Art Share in L.A.

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Active x Chocolate Chunk City Series

Active & Chocolate Skateboards collaboration Chunk Cities deck. Available only at your local Active!
Special thanks to Justin Eldridge, Chris Roberts, Richard Mulder, Daniel Castillo, Kenny Anderson, & Scott Johnston for making this commercial happen!

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Heel Bruise x Stussy Under the Radar

This past Monday night, two of our brand partners- Stussy, and Heel Bruise came together in Las Vegas to create a photo exhibition titled- “Under the radar”. This show featured works by Ray Barbee, Robbie Jeffers, Curtis Buchanan, and Devin Briggs. I had the pleasure of attending this event, and I can honestly say it exceeded my expectations. The photos in the show were not only eye pleasing, they also had strong skateboard nostalgia presence, as there were classic photos of- Andy Roy, Jason Dill, and Richard Mulder. The Beer and rum was flowing, and there were good homies everywhere you looked , which made for an all around good time.

Thanks to Stussy and Heel Bruise for giving us the chance to attend such an amazing event.











* Words by Joey Coleman, photo’s by Morgnar

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Heel Bruise Park Crashers

Heel Bruise came correct with the launch our first Active Park segment “Park Crashers”. Richard Mulder leads the charge of this team of young and thirsty ams consisting of  Victor Mendoza, Denzel White, Dylan Witkan and Billy Davenport. These kids lit the park up & set the bar super high for our future park edits. Thanks a ton to Richard, all the skaters and Mike Campos for the filming & editing (additional filming by Brian Hunter).

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Heel Bruise Bruisers Promo Video

Heel Bruise just released a super sick little promo video staring Victor Mendoza, Yavor Ski, & Billy Davenport. Active pal Richard Mulder give us a little background story about how it came about which you can read here.

Stay tuned for the new Heel Bruise line to hit our shelves in the next couple weeks!

Check out our Heel Bruise Brand Spotlight here!

Free Heel Bruise Gear!

Congratulations to Jeramie Myers from Riverside Ca. Be on the lookout for your free Heel Bruise gear!!!

Free Heel Bruise gear all month!!

The dudes at Heel Bruise just love giving away free product! All you have to do is click on the image below and enter to win. Contest ends February 28th… GOOD LUCK!

Free Heel Bruise Gear


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Check Out The Chrome Ball Incident


Check out The Chrome Ball Incident‘s latest interview with “the Chief” himself Jamie Thomas. It takes us through different stages of Jamie’s career and is a must read if you’re a fan. Chrome Ball does a super rad job at archiving old skate ads, videos, quotes (etc) of many of our favorite skaters. I don’t care how big a skate fan you are, you’ll always learn a thing or two from the interviews. If you want to get all nostalgic or just kill some time and learn a little more about a skateboarding, bookmark it, I did!

chiefrazorchromesm mulderinterviewchrome bertintrochrome

hufcrowdchrome photoalexolsonsmall fergsladiesintrochrome

Heel Bruise Griptape Art Contest

Congratulations to Clarence!! The Heel Bruise guys picked yours as their favorite grip job!!

Nice work Clarence…nice work.



Black griptape with colored bolts…Boring! I like to see some creativity! And so do our friends over at Heel Bruise.

So here’s the contest: Send us a picture of your best griptape  job. It could be a quote from a song, a cool cut job or even a fancy art piece. Whatever it is, make it creative! Just take a picture of it and send it to [email protected] by July 9th. Richard and Thomas over from Heel Bruise will pick their favorite one. Here’s what you win:

  • 1 Heel Bruise hat
  • 2 Heel Bruise shirts
  • 1 sticker pack
  • 1 Heel Bruise Elephant Print. Limited Edition of 40 (size 19″ x 25″)




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…check out a few we’ve received so far

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Introducing Heel Bruise


Heel Bruise is a fairly new company lead by skateboarder Richard Mulder and artist Thomas Yu. Their clean designs are driven by intelligent graphics combined with classic skateboarding roots & overtones. You’ll often see them collaborating with such personalities as Lance Mountain, Poets, even Eric Dressen! Currently their line consists of t-shirts, hats & stickers (now available here at Active) but they will soon be doing sweatshirts, socks, jackets and more, so be on the look out…  Heel Bruise is Breaking Through!


Recently, Heel Bruise invited us down to their headquarters for some tasty bacon wrapped street dogs (Vic hooked it up!) and gave us a little Heel Bruise 101. Check out our Heel Bruise Industry Profile:

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A few of the Heel Bruise tees that are in stock now… so sick!!





Want to win some free Heel Bruise gear and a hand signed Thomas Yu Elephant print? Check out our Heel Bruise “Griptape Art” contest here.


Get FREE SHIPPING on all Heel Bruise from 6/21 – 6/27. Enter Checkout Code: NEWEST – Shop here:


Nose Pick presented by Heel Bruise

This last weekend I trucked down to Encinitas, CA to catch up with a few long time friends & “decongest” my long work week with some skateboard inspired art! The show was titled Nose Pick and was presented by Heel Bruise, a new project headed by Richard Mulder & friends. The show consisted of original works from Lance Mountain, Skypage, Thomas Yu & had tunes provided by Don Froth. Check out the photos & go to www.heelbruise.com for more nasal clarity.