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Active, Knox, & The Quiet Life: Summer Skate Park BBQ Tour @ Rialto!

Comin’ in HOT! Kicking the start of the Summer Skate Park BBQ Tour at the unofficially opened Fergusson Skate Plaza in Rialto, CA. The Knox Hardware & The Quiet Life homies hooked the locals up with some fresh gear, hot dogs, and Active gave out free ice cream to those dying in the heat. Continue reading Active, Knox, & The Quiet Life: Summer Skate Park BBQ Tour @ Rialto!

Behind the Catalog Fall 2012 video

 Active Army riders are highlighted in this Fall collection video, this time hitting the streets of LA in the wee hours. Featuring Matt Miskel, Reemo Pearson, David Munoz, Taylor Forney, Jeremy Leabres, Alex Valdez, Anthony Pshebelski, Chris Harris, Sean Hill, and Nugget Aka Xavier! Filmed/Edited by Cox. Enjoy!


Active Ride Shop Helluva Year Short

“Yeah, Active President Esmail Mawjee is a G when it comes to business side of things. But how does he stack up to the wild, fun loving side that fuel’s the fire of the skateboarding world?” Starring The Active Redman, Slash, Anthony Pshebelski, Reemo Pearson, Esmail Mawjee and Jessica McAvinue. Filmed by Luke Nguyen/ Corey Cady Edited by Corey Cady

Shop all things Active by clicking the image below.


Theotis Beasley in Wilmington Video

 Active Rider Theotis Beasley attacks Wilmington park along with Active riders Anthony Pshebelski and Reemo Pearson. Providing motivation is the girls of Active, Lauren and Katrina. Peep the video, then check out the photo shoot Luke shot, plus lots of behind the scenes of the film. We have way to much fun here!! Big thanks to Morgnar who helped me film this while I had a broken leg!! Ride or Die baby!!

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Click on Theo’s pic below to see Master Luke’s photo shoot with the fine ladies of Active!!

Theotis Beasley

Active Shop Vs Shop Footy

Active taking home Silver at X Games 16 Shop vs Shop batlle. Here’s gnar footage from Morgnar himself! Great job boys , you deserved Gold in my eyes!! Theotis, Reemo, Pshebelski, Denzel, Chase and Luke we are so proud of all your hard work and great attitudes!! Howla world, Active Army having fun baby!! Thanks Durso for the pics!

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