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Red Bull Manny Mania @ Active Rancho Cucamonga

Red Bull Manny Mania is coming to Active Rancho Cucamonga. We are hosting the qualifier on June 25th at 2pm.

The winner from each qualifier will earn a trip to Los Angeles to compete in the Red Bull Manny Mania National Final on July 9th – and the cream of the crop will move on to skate with the hopes of the U.S. on the back of their board in the Red Bull Manny Mania World Final in New York City. The marquee event – the Red Bull Manny Mania Pro – takes place on Sunday, August 21st.red bull manny mania

Go Skateboarding Day @ The Active Park

Open to the public, for one day only, The Active Park!! June 21st 1-5pm Active’s private park will be the stage for a $500 Vans Best Trick Contest feat. $20 hammers provided by park partner and the skatepark builders Speer Co. One winner takes all and walks away with cases of Jarritos and Red Bull for the whole family to enjoy! Skaters will enjoy timed sessions in the park, free Vans BBQ, a ton of your favorite vendors, free giveaways and a chance to shred the Red Bull Manny Mania course! All participants must have a signed waiver or you don’t skate! Under 18 must have parent signed waiver, 14 or under must wear helmet. Click this link to print the 2 page waiver. Big thanks to all of our sponsors SpeerCo, Vans, Red Bull, Jarritos and Tec Color Craft for making this possible!


Don’t know Much About Bikes

So…. I was always under the impression that our filmer, Erik Bragg, who also films stuff for DLX, Red Bull, Krooked, etc. etc,. was always under pressure and buried behind deadlines… Apparently not!

Check out what Erik and his homies do on their down time.

And stay tuned for more Day in the Life’s, Industry Spotlights, Ask the Pros, and a whole lot more in the months to follow…

Mexican Blanket Unleashed!

 Kicking off this years Summer Skate Park tour with stops at the Jurupa and San Dimas skateparks. The Mexican Blanket helped fire up the session, with it’s magical powers and the Luchadors made sure all of the Blankets wishes were carried out. Gomez grabbed the box at Jurupa on Saturday with a Pop Shuv Fingerflip over the pyramid  and Mark walked home with the good ol box up there in San Dimas by rolling away from a Cannonball grab  50-50 on the flat/down pyramid rail. Gnarly boys!!

 Next up will be the ol Laguna Pink Park and Rancho’s very own gem Spruce it up! See you then and don’t miss out!! Big thanks to Luch Luke and the Rosemead posse for being radical!! Ofcourse lots of shouts for our sponsors Comune, Royal, Red Bull, and Sabre Vision!!

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Eli Reed Takes Home the Manny Mania $10K

Eli Reed, Jack Curtain, and Zered Bassett

Red Bull’s Manny Mania went down this past weekend in NYC and the results are in:

1. Eli Reed  $10,000.00
2. Mike Mo Capaldi  $5,000.00
3. Kelly Hart  $3,000.00
4. Joey Brezinski  $2,500.00
5. Ronson Lambert  $2,000.00
6. Stevie Williams  $1,500.00
7. Florentine Marfring  $1,000.00
8. Forrest Kirby  $1,000.00
9. Alex Carolino  $1,000.00
10. Lenny Rivas  $1,000.00
11. Danny Falla  $500.00
12. Jack Curtin  $500.00

For more info check out Manny Mania’s Official Website!