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Real’s Pizza Party Skate Jam / Kyle Walker’s Pro Surprise

We got a new Active Pro team rider in the ranks. What seemed like only a skate jam & pizza party turned out to be Kyle Walker‘s surprise pro party for Real Skateboards. They even got his parents to come way out from Oklahoma to surprise him in a gnarly lookin’ van with his pro model & pizza. Here are some photos from that epic day. Congrats Kyle!

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As part of this year’s summer tour the REAL riders each went home to push… not only to skate the streets they call home, but to push the areas themselves.

REAL Skateboards Pushing Skateboarding Since Day One – Chicago from dlxsf on Vimeo.

It started with a single day of Peter Ramondetta, James Hardy, Ernie Torres, Jake Donnelly, Davis Torgerson, Robbie Brockel, Kyle Walker and Alex Midler Pushing the streets of Chicago.

Every Friday starting 7/27, a new video and Custom Pushing Capsule inspired by the areas the riders call home will drop at select skate shops.


REAL Skateboards Pushing Skateboarding Since Day One – Chicago from dlxsf on Vimeo.

Real Popslickle Skateboard Review

Active warehouse employee & all around skateboard shredder Brian Servellon takes a Real Popslickle skateboard deck for a ride and gives us his thoughts!

Real Popslickle skate decks aren’t like your traditional ever slick deck because Real uses a heat binding process to bind the extra poly layers rather than glue. This type of construction keeps the deck light & poppy and sliding for days! Popslickles come in a variety of sizes & colors.


Also caught that day on the insta…


Play REALIEN and WIN!!!

All you have to do is play REALIEN INVADERS, then take a  Screenshot of your highest score and tag us on Facebook. We’ll announce the winner by February 10th 2012, and if you’ve got the highest score we’ll set you up with a really sweet Real Skateboards prize package! So whaddya got to lose…oh yea…Aliens blasting you away in space!!


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Jim’s Ramp Jam

This what contests are all about…

Classic footage of Wade Speyer, Max Schaff, Tim Brauch, John Cardiel, Phil Shao, Chet Thomas, Chet Childress and Kris Markovich ripping!!! If I remember correctly…I’m pretty sure the trophy was a gold 40 oz. Ha!

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