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Win Aldrin Garcia’s Set Up For Free!

We have a winner!! And his name is Chris Lindberg from Poway, CA!!!

Congratulations Chris!!! Hope this helps your ollies… :)

Wanna ride the same set-up that Aldrin rode when he captured the highest ollie record in 2011??  This package comes with Bones Ceramics (the best bearing out there!!) and Theeve Titanium trucks!!

Just click on the image below and enter to win!


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Hoffart High

Jordan Hoffart jumps in the Active A-Team Van, stops in at our Mission Valley store  and heads to a  local high school to spread his skatelebrity love! Being the good sport he is, I convinced him to play S.K.A.T.E. with the students… he killed em’ of course, but we somehow found a way to mock up a winner. Kids were stoked and all the girls fell in love with our champ. Enjoy!

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Jordan Hoffart Adio Welcome Video

Jordan Hoffart is one of the tightest dudes you’ll ever meet. I’ve had the chance to hang out with him on a couple occasions and good times defiantly defines Jordan. He just got put on the Adio squad and here’s his “Welcome to the team” video. Congrats to you mate and keep on rolling!

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What’s your favorite skate video of 2009?

Another year come and gone… good times, bad times… heroes and zeros… What do you think?  What was your favorite video of this past year?

What was your favorite skate video of 2009?

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Ray Barbee – Ban This

Ray Barbee is one smooth operator. Whether it’s skating or writing music, everything he does flows so well and oozes with style. Ray is one of those elite old schoolers that set a standard for how to look good on a skateboard. His part in Powell’s “Ban This” video show us just that. Watch as Ray give us lesson on style and fluidity, all the way from 1989!

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P.S. If you’re into jazzy instrumental stuff, I recommend checking out Ray Barbee’s music or his recent project with the Mattson 2… good stuff!