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On A Roll: Jeremy

I have known Jeremy Leabres since we were tucking in our shirts in middle school to avoid detention, and that is about the time everyone realized he was going to do a lot with skateboarding. Jeremy has been living in Long Beach for the past 4 years alongside his Tum Yeto family but will soon be moving down the coast to Vista. I recently spent some time pointing my camera at Jeremy before his big ETN stunt.
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RECAP: Tino Razo’s Party In The Back Book Launch & Exhibition

It was LAABF weekend so lots of art shows were going on at night. Tino Razo had a book launch & photo show one of the nights, a gallery filled tons of epic photos of backyard pools & skateboarding. Here are a couple photos I took on my film camera from that night. Make sure to get yourself a copy of his book!

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Jacob Messex “JUST SKATING” Photo Show @ Kingswell

My homie Jacob Messex had a photo show held at KINGSWELL in Los Feliz. A good formula for a good skateboarding photo is having the right lighting + angle + skateboarder + photographer. Jacob nails it all. Peep his photos and some photos from the opening night.

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Crail Camera Crew: A Group Photo Exhibition

Following after the PUSH premier, I remembered there was another event going on down the street at Paper Agency Gallery in Los Angeles. I looked on my instagram and there you have it, a Crailtap group photo exhibition with some, if not all, of my favorite photographers/documenters in skateboarding. Featuring: Aaron Meza, Andy Mueller, Ben Colen, Eric Anthony, Jerry Hsu, & Sam Smyth. Peep the flicks from the night.

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Seu Trinh Almost Retrospective

Last Saturday at Kingswell in Los Feliz, Almost Skateboards had their retrospective photo show featuring iconic photographs shot by Seu Trinh from the past 12 years with Almost. It was also a release party of a photo board series Seu did with Almost that came out recently. As if the free donuts and beer wasn’t enough: Rodney Mullen, Chris Haslam, Cooper Wilt, Justin Schulte, & Almost Alumni Torey Pudwill made an appearance. Past & Present always family in the Almost team. Lewis Marnell Forever

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Anthony Acosta’s Vans Propeller World Tour Experience

Lately, we hit up Active & Vans team riders, Dan-Lu & K-Walks about their whole experience traveling the world for the Vans Propeller premier tours. Today, we ask the world-renowned Vans photographer, Anthony Acosta. Anthony even shared with us some of the rad photos he took from the trip.

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Glen E. Friedman @ Pizzanista!

Glen E. Friedman, the man who has documented most of the iconic & classic photos that you might have reblogged on tumblr at this day & age. The era from the early rise of skateboarding, punk, & hip-hop culture. His book “My Rules” features many timeless photos from skateboarding legends ranging from, Tony Hawk to Duane Peters & as well as musical legends such as Minor Threat to Public Enemy. Here are some photos I took from meeting one of my favorite photographers at my favorite pizza place, Pizzanista!

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Thrasher ‘Zine Thing

In release of the Swank Zine Tea Pot Re-Issue deck, Thrasher x Swank Zine sponsored by Vans to support the party. A list of zine-sters from Rich Jacobs, Andy Jenkins, Mike Burnett, Sam Hitz, Ed Templeton & The Deadbeat Club, & The Shep Dawgs crew were selling & trading out zines with everybody! Here are some photos:

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‘Le Friend’ Photo & Art Show Remembering Ian ‘Poods’ Barry

Well respected by many, Ian “Poods” Barry’s life was celebrated last Friday at T.F.R. Gallery in Encinitas. His love for motorcycles & skateboarding inspired everyone that’s ever been around him. It definitely was a great turn-out that night remembering Poods through some awesome & rare photos from friends & family. #poodsforever

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Busted by the cops.

20090206_tahoe_devine_047 (Jake Devine. Snowboard noseblunt. From a different shoot with the T9 crew.)

One of my favorite photographers Mark Kohlman organizes an online action sports photo gallery for ESPN, called Zoom. I used to worked with him while I was a pro snowboarder, and got some of my best stuff then. I try to keep in touch with him these days, which is difficult, but when I can I give him previews of my new photography hoping it will make his gallery.

I was lucky to get this very recent photo of Jake Devine. It almost didn’t happen because we got “caught” by the cops. It was at an empty vacation home, but the neighbors didn’t like our company. Instead of asking us to leave (which we maybe would have), they called the police.

When the cops arrived… blah, blah, blah. Same old story this, same old shit that. I was well spoken when they asked questions… telling them that I’m responsible for my actions, we weren’t destroying anything, we would shovel the snow bump near the rail when we were done, we knew we weren’t bothering anybody since it was a rental home, et cetera et cetera.

They didn’t give a shit, took our info, and when getting Jake’s they all of a sudden changed their tune. -“Oh, Jacob. Why didn’t you tell us in the first place??” -“uhhh, I didn’t think it mattered.”

It turns out Jake’s father is “the man” at the local sheriff station. They let us go immediately. I laughed. I was lucky I got the shot, because they still made us leave.

Here’s a link to the gallery. Photo #5