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Enjoi’s OVERVERT Premier Experience…

I enjoi‘d the Oververt premier last night, no pun actually intended really. The video delivers an absoluteness of oververtness that can’t be expressed in words that I can explain, if that makes any sense. The skating itself never ceases to disappoint and the solid taste of songs used in Oververt is on point as always in an Enjoi video. I’d like to thank Caswell Berry, Louie Barletta, Cairo Foster, Nestor Judkins, Jose Rojo, Jimmy Carlin, Clark Hassler, Zach Wallin, Ben Raemers, & Weiger Van Wageningen for delivering a mind blowing experience last night. I suggest when you get the chance to watch this, you should definitely consider doing so.

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Slash’s Keeper Photo Contest


Attention Instagramers!!! Want to win a years supply of shoes from Fallen? We all know how much Active Pro Brian “Slash” Hansen loves his dog Keeper. If you follow him on Instagram @wishdeath you would know, or search #keeperdog. We though it would be fun if we gave Keeper some company & had a dog photo contest.

Directions: Post your best dog photo on Instagram and tag it with #keepercontest. Slash will be picking his favorite photo on or around April 4/20/12. The winner gets enough Fallen shoes to last a year. The more original the photo, the better your chances are of winning… think of what Slash would like! One photo submission per person.

View the latest contest entries here or by searching #keepercontest on Instagram

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