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Go Skate Day 2012 VIDEO

Go Skate Day 2012 @ Active Headquarters had it all… brand new park from Monster Energy, $500 Volcom Best Trick Contest with Vans throwing in another $500 to sweeten the deal along with free BBQ for all, and all the bad ass vendors anyone could ever want to hang with, came out with enough free giveaways to fill giant Active bags and fun games to play. Props go to Daniel Espinoza for his big-flip front-board fakie to seal the win and the Volcom $500 cash!!  Big thanks to all who made this day possible including: Monster Energy, Volcom, Vans, Tec Color Craft, Active Ride shop, Oakley, Analog, Gravis, Sole Tech, Black Box, Tum Yeto, Baker Boys, Girl, Chocolate, Element, Plan B, Huf, Heelbruise, Nixon, The Hundreds, Krew/Supra, Crooks and Castles, Kayo Corp, JSLV, Primitive, Electric, Sector 9, Hurley, Rhythm, Fly Society, Orisue, Quiet Life, Know Hardware, Broadcast Wheels, Us Versus Them, Brixton

Go Skateboarding Day 2012 PHOTOS

Go Skateboarding Day is every day for the most of us, but on June 21st, it’s celebrated to the entire world! For our part, we celebrated #GSD2012 at our very own Headquarters in Mira Loma, CA!

Big thanks to everybody that came and all the brands for the support of skateboarding!
Major thanks to Monster for the new park set-up which included a vert wall, handrail, four block, and hubba.
Thanks to Vans & Volcom for holding it down on the best trick contest!
Congrats to Daniel Espinoza who won this year’s best trick with a bigger flip front board to fakie on the Monster rail!

(Stay tuned for footage. For now, check out the photos!)

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Orisue Clothing now available at Active

“A piece of paper is plain and dimensionless.  By carefully following a series of precise folds, that piece of paper transforms into a three dimensional work of art and craftsmanship.  The finished product reveals itself as more than just art, but as a physical manifestation of the creator’s self-expression and individuality.  Once known as Orisue, this craft is now commonly known as Origami.  Orisue applies this methodology into a similar, yet unique medium of expression-clothing.  Similar to paper, fabric is plain until it is birthed with design, color, and stitching.  Once these features are meticulously applied to fabric, the fabric takes life becoming its own, revealing the creator’s lifestyle and individualism.  Rather than confining itself to any one facet of life, Orisue is inspired by life’s many positive elements-the expression of affection, hard work, perseverance through adversity, and struggle.  While Orisue reflects its creators, it strives to embrace and represent the diverse lifestyle of individuals who make life interesting for all of us”!


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