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HOWL Team Intro Video

Catch these fools on their shred sleds! The HOWL team is where it’s at!!!
Featuring: Jed Anderson, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Jake Kuzyk, Darrell Mathes, Danny Larsen, Jake Olsen-Elm, Gus Engle, Nima Jalali, Nick Dirks, Jonas Michilot, Desiree Melancon


HOWL 2012 TEAM INTRO from HOWL on Vimeo.

Ashbury Industry Profile

You know when you order something online or buy something from your local skate shop and you can just imagine how that product got there… Some giant corporation with hired temps for employees, people who know nothing about skating or snowboarding mindlessly putting out bad product…

That’s NOT Ashbury.

Nima and crew pull the orders, create the ads, pick the team, design the shades, update the website, etc, etc,… You get my point.

Shop Ashbury here:


Videograss Movie Premiere – Bon Voyage

This Friday, Sept. 3rd, head down the the La Paloma Theater in San Diego for the Videograss Movie premiere of Bon Voyage.  It’s $2 at the door and the movie starts at 8pm.