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Matix x Krooked Park Crashers

Welcome to the Matix x Krooked Park Crashers collab video featuring Mike Anderson, Daewon Song, Marc Johnson & Auby Taylor! Be sure to check out the new Matix x Krooked collection online or in stores! Special thanks to both the teams for coming out & inviting the Active crew to hang out while they filmed… good times!!!

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Matix x Krooked Shmoo Facebook Drawing Contest!

Hey! Shmoo you! It’s time to get that doodling you’ve been doing in class to good use! Here’s your chance to win a signed Mike Anderson Krooked deck as well as some of his signature clothing from Matix! Heck, we’ll even throw in a set of his own Spitfire Wheels for you!

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KROOK3D – Video Review

I really like the new Krooked video. Not because it has banger after banger… or because it has the biggest names in skateboarding… because it doesn’t.

What it does have is skateboarding! Pure and simple. It reminds you of how fun it is to meet up with your buddies and go skate some street…


Screw parks! Go find some spots and skate some sh*t you’re not supposed to skate. You know, get kicked out because you’re not allowed to skate there not because you’re not wearing a helmet or pads… HA!