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Maloof Money Cup DC Day 1

We are super hyped to be out here in DC for the Maloof Money Cup. Maloof built a sick ass park for the contest. It reminds me a bit of Stoner park or some of the newer street plaza parks in LA and the best part is that they are leaving it here when they leave!

For the first day of the contest Maloof ran the Pro Qualifiers and Semi-Finals. The day was packed with super muggy weather, a small rain delay and a ton of exciting skating. Standouts for me were, Heath Kirchart’s contest appearance, Bobby Worrest, Andrew Reynolds & Collin Provost. There was a lot that went down, but I’ll let the photos tell the story. And ohh, if you are able to get to the contest Sunday, be sure to stop by the Active Ride Shop tent and say hi. If not, you can watch it on streaming on YouTube here.

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Semi Final Results

1. Andrew Reynolds
2. Greg Lutzka
3. Ronnie Creager
4. Bobby Worrest
5. Manny Santiago
6. Collin Provost
7. Bastien Salabanzi
8. Ryan Decenzo
9. Jack Curtin
10. Figgy
11. Tom Asta
12. Vincent Alvarez

Maloof Skate Village @ LA County Fair

This Labor Day weekend join us at the opening weekend of the LA County Fair. Only $1 to get in from 10am-1pm, Sept. 3rd. We will be hosting skate contests throughout the day featuring the Active Army.

Each evening as the Maloof Money Cup finals are live at Washington DC we will be broadcasting it live on a Jumbotron.

Free giveaways all day and daily raffle from Maloof Money Cup.


Active At The Maloof Event This Weekend!

Attention one… Attention all!! Active will be heading up to New York this weekend to hang out at the Maloof event. Well actually,  Maloof invited us up there to be apart of the event! So if you happen to be in NYC this weekend stop by the Active booth and pick up some merchandise. We’ll be selling T-shirts and decks, a few of our top riders will be there signing autographs like Figgy, Jordan Hoffart and Theotis Beasley. And we’ll even be giving away a $500 giftcard each day of the event… should be a good time!

See you there!



Theotis Beasley Update

Theotis Bigheel

I got caught up with Theotis Beasley yesterday and found out what he’s been up to. Here’s the scoop. He’s been filming with Beagle and Jason Hernandez and skating a ton with the Nike crew -Daryl Angel, Grant Taylor, David Clark and Justin Brock. Theotis will be sharing a part with David Clark and Dan Plunkett in Debacle. Theotis says of Debacle that ‘Justin Brock will not disappoint’. Theotis went to China with the Nike SB crew and he was psyched to skate the best spots you don’t get kicked out of and it was cool to skate a bunch of the spots Chris Cole skates in the Fallen Video.

Theotis Beasley

He also said he has been skating the new Stefan Janoski’s and says they skate amazing – “They are a great vulcanized shoe and he is a super cool guy who is cool to be around and skate with.” Theotis is also going to be skating in the Maloof Money Cup’s Am Contest and he has a couple tricks in the Proof Video. Theotis will be at the Proof Premiere on June 5th at Active El Segundo as well as the Wallenberg Contest if you’re headed out to that. As for today, he will be at the Shake Junt BBQ they are having today celebrating Cinco De Mayo and celebrating the fact that Shake Junt now makes griptape.

Thanks to Theotis for the update and there is even more in the works with him that you shall soon see!

Photos: Jeremy Adams