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Emerica Demolición

Once again, the Emerica team came, saw, and not only conquered the Active Park, but tore it up into pieces (figuratively). When we talk about demos here, we mean pure destruction, a demolition; or one might say, “Demolición“. With names like, Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Leo Romero, Jeremy Leabres, Justin Figueroa, Jerry Hsu, lest not we forget the legend of Heath Kirchart, here in the building, you’re bound for a real treat. Anyone that was there that day left with their minds blown, like they just seen Made In Emerica Chapter 1 or This is Skateboarding, Stay Gold, etc. So for this piece, we gotta add the Emerica filter, “green is fo’ tha money and gold is fo’ the honey!!!

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Made In Emerica: Ch. 1 Premier @ Art Theater Long Beach!

Emerica‘s Made Chapter One premiered in Long Beach, featuring Active Pro Collin Provost, Leo Romero, Brandon Westgate. The video starts off with Active team rider, Jeremy Leabres, welcoming full-length part to Emerica‘s kick-ass line-up. Watch out for the video premiering at skate shops all over, especially at Active Rancho, on Sept. 12!

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Emerica Provost

The Emerica Provost Shoe is the all new pro model shoe for Active Pro, Collin Provost. It features a breathable tongue and medial sidewall with G6-inspired cold air intake to keep your feet cool, a new G6 high-rebound lightweight foam footbed cushions the bottom of your feet for extra comfort and a one piece suede upper front toe.

Available NOW at Active Ride Shop!