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4th Annual Hippy Killer Hoedown 2012 Photos!

It was a nice sunny day after a rainy one at the Wild West Arena in Winchester, CA. The beauty behind the lifestyle of doing it yourself & building your own is the story behind all these choppers, bobbers, & hot rods. This can relate to the skateboarding world in so many ways, that’s why most of these people are skateboarders or have a history in skateboarding! Despite of all the different cliques, garage shops, & motorcycle clubs, they were all gathered here for the love of what they live… to ride! It’s a close knit community. In the end, they were all “here for the beer!”
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Rook. The Age Of A New Breed.

Rook is pretty new brand that is quickly building momentum in the underground/streetwear/lifestyle scene. They believe in the underdogs of the industry, the young entrepreneur and more importantly, they believe in themselves.

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing this brand everywhere in the next few years… Rook is definitely the age of a new breed.




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