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Free B-Sides DVD!

Want a free Emerica B-Sides DVD? Of course you do!!!Well, they’re FREE with a purchase of any regular priced Emerica shoes!

The B-Sides were a great addition to Stay Gold. And now you don’t have to youtube everyone’s part individually… You can watch them all on one disc! These DVD’s are exclusive to Active right now and supplies are limited! So make sure you get one before they’re gone…


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here’s a few to get you hyped…

Emerica Park Crashers

Emerica stopped by our skate park not to long ago for our latest “Park Crashers” video…

Andrew Reynolds, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Justin “Figgy” Figueroa, Braydon Szafranski, Bryan Herman, and Heath Kirchart got in a good session before it got just to damn hot in there.

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RVCA “Hairclub for Men” Contest

And the winners are…

…sorry Leo wasn’t around to get a little film of him picking his favorite drawing… So here’s a picture of his favorite instead!


Now for you 4 winners… CONGRATULATIONS!! Send your address to [email protected] with your correct sizes (small, med or large) and we’ll send you your RVCA gear!!


Looks like a few of RVCA‘s leading men have lost their hair! Here’s your chance to give them some sweet new Do’s

All you have to do is click on the image below, pick your favorite dude and give them a fresh new look! When you’re done, send it to [email protected]

Each skater will pick their favorite one and 4 people will win $150 in RVCA product of your choice!

Contest ends 4.20.2011

Have fun with it!


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here are a few we’ve gotten so far…

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We can’t believe how many entries we had… that’s a lot of hair!!!

Ashbury Industry Profile

You know when you order something online or buy something from your local skate shop and you can just imagine how that product got there… Some giant corporation with hired temps for employees, people who know nothing about skating or snowboarding mindlessly putting out bad product…

That’s NOT Ashbury.

Nima and crew pull the orders, create the ads, pick the team, design the shades, update the website, etc, etc,… You get my point.

Shop Ashbury here: