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Go Skate Day 2012 VIDEO

Go Skate Day 2012 @ Active Headquarters had it all… brand new park from Monster Energy, $500 Volcom Best Trick Contest with Vans throwing in another $500 to sweeten the deal along with free BBQ for all, and all the bad ass vendors anyone could ever want to hang with, came out with enough free giveaways to fill giant Active bags and fun games to play. Props go to Daniel Espinoza for his big-flip front-board fakie to seal the win and the Volcom $500 cash!!  Big thanks to all who made this day possible including: Monster Energy, Volcom, Vans, Tec Color Craft, Active Ride shop, Oakley, Analog, Gravis, Sole Tech, Black Box, Tum Yeto, Baker Boys, Girl, Chocolate, Element, Plan B, Huf, Heelbruise, Nixon, The Hundreds, Krew/Supra, Crooks and Castles, Kayo Corp, JSLV, Primitive, Electric, Sector 9, Hurley, Rhythm, Fly Society, Orisue, Quiet Life, Know Hardware, Broadcast Wheels, Us Versus Them, Brixton

Nick Tucker: Firing Line

Active AM Nick Tucker clocks a Firing Line over at Thrasher. Nollie Inward Heel Back Tail Damnn!!!

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Go Skate Day at The Active Park Pics and Video

June 21st marked National Go Skateboarding Day, lots of sun and lots of fun. Active Ride Shop opened their new private park, The Active Park, to the public for one day only and Vans threw down a $500 best trick contest. SpeerCo tossed in a helpful heaping on $20 hammers to make things exciting! After many of failed shady attempts to sneek into the event, our boy Forest finally got in and managed to land a tre flip 50-50 on the big rail and a back 360 flip over the pyramid for the win! Skaters enjoyed the Red Bull Manny Mania street course, Vans free BBQ, tons of free drinks from Jarritos and Red Bull, fun vendor booths from Active Ride Shop, Ambiguous, Analog, Baker/Deathwish, JSLV, Crooks & Castles, Element, Heel Bruise, Huff, Jarritos, Kayo, LRG, Mighty Healthy, Rogue Status, Skatedogs, SpeerCo the ramp builders, Stussy, Supra, Krew, Syndrome Dist, Us Versus Them, Vans and XGames. The Active Park made possible by SpeerCo the ramp builders, Jarritos (the bombest Mexican soda around!) and Tec Color Craft (producers of amazing skate stickers since forever!).

Big thanks to the brands, the skaters and staff for making this amazing!! See ya next year!!

Video by Marque Cox and Pics by Christian Uriate
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Active Long Beach Game of Skate

Come out to Active Long Beach with your tricks locked down and consistant to see if you got what it takes to walk away in victory. Also a prize package from Active Ride Shop, Sk8Mafia and JSLV. Chick-fil-A will be coming proper with some free sandwiches. It all goes down April 4th at 5pm.

game of skate long beach

All participants must have a signed waiver and if you are still a youngin’ (under 18) be sure to have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

JSLV Denim In Stock Now!

The new JSLV Denim is in stock now!

We just recently received the new JSLV Denim and it has quickly become one of our better selling jeans. All three of the styles are pretty rad. The “Worker Pant” is a good chino pant that is a little bit looser and also really good to skate in.  The “Proper Denim” and the “Blunt Denim” are both made out of regular denim and have a slimmer fit. I personally like the “Proper Denim” in black… that’s my favorite out of the three pairs.
Check ’em out…




Shop all JLSV here:


Active Army Alex Valdez

Straight repping the Long Beach Army is Alex Valdez. Long time homie, you may have seen him at Active demo events, out at local skateparks, or just street spots, skating it up. Down for Active and supporting for a minute now! Shredding for JSLV, VOX, Fury Trucks, Kontrol Wheels and now Active! Always full of smiles, be sure to slap hands and say what’s up when you see him around. This is Alex Valdez, Long Beach Active Army. Big thanks to Serg for quality part! HUURRAAHHHH!!


If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a part of this army cruise by your local Active and talk to the team manager. Read below for more details  


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