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UNEMPLOYABLE: 30 Years of Hardcore Skateboarding

Stephen, Peter, and Matt Hill are the trio behind Globe, a brand which has shaped the skate and street industry in Australia for the past 30 years. UNEMPLOYABLE tells the Hill brothers’ remarkable story with epic imagery and interviews. Here are photos from the book release night at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

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Guy Mariano x The Skateboard Mag

We joined in celebrating a new era of print excellence from The Skateboard Mag at BLACK. What an honor to be there surrounded by legends in skateboarding. This issue is a really special one considering a living legend is on the cover and that it’s the first issue released with The Berrics backing it. Congrats to Guy Mariano on the cover! Also congrats to The Skateboard Mag & Berrics. The new printed issue looks awesome!

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BRIXTON Holiday ’14 Launch @ BLACK

After Transworld’s Outliers premier, we walked down over to the infamous BLACK bar for Brixton‘s Holiday 14′ Launch Party / unofficial Outliers afterparty. There were calls on the place being so packed & small, nearly doubtful of getting inside. And I didn’t RSVP… It was really a play by ear moment but thought: “eh, why not?!”

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Recap: Cliche’s “Bon Voyage” Global Premier

Congrats to Active Team Rider, Daniel Espinoza for turning PRO at the Cliche Skateboard‘s premier of “Bon Voyage!” The premier was held at the fancy Montalban Theatre in Hollywood, down the street from where the skate riot was. Everyone delivered destruction in their parts. The whole video is rad. Definitely a must watch when it comes out on DVD the 26th of April & iTunes the 29th! Check out the photos:

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Bake And Destroy Hollywood Premier Photos!

Bake & Destroy made headline news! Luckily we were able to check out the private showing before the riots happened, left in time before the theater got on lockdown mode, and made it safely to The Darkroom for the afterparty. To everyone that didn’t get in, don’t be bummed! You were part of skateboarding history! You’re gonna look back at it and be like, “I was there…” Continue reading Bake And Destroy Hollywood Premier Photos!

Norman Woods in Hollywood Video

 An amazing talent on the board and on the shred stick (guitar), Active Am Norman Woods shows us around his stomping grounds of Noho and Hollywood in my latest B&W Team Manager video series for Active. I hope you enjoy it!

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—If you’ve happen to miss the past B&W Team Manager video series:


Theotis Beasley in Wilmington



Venice Skate Park w/ Denzel White



Eddie Wall in the Studio





Mucho Love!