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Best Video Part in 2010?


Who do you think had the best video part this year? I mean, there’s a lot of competition out there! Brainwash, Stay Gold, Hallelujah… Leo, P Rod, Andrew…

I can’t put everyone on the list, but I can put a few standouts…

Who had the best video part in 2010?

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Habitat Welcomes Daryl Angel

Active team rider Daryl Angel has been on Habitat for a second now but… Habitat just released this video welcoming him to the team. We thought we would say congratulations to Daryl and relay the message. Visit Habitatskateboards.com for more details.

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Molinar, Ramones, & Rojo – Imprisoned

Rojo and Molinar Pre Hard Time

?S Footwear and Habitat rider, Raymond Molinar, was kind enough to answer a short questioner about his jail stay for Active…

Active: Word around the campfire recently is that you, Dyson and Jose had a brush with the law that landed you both in jail. When, how, and why did this happen?

Raymond: Yeah… it was about two weeks ago when Jose Rojo, Dyson Ramones and I were thrown in the slammer in Austin Texas for skateboarding on private property…we could have avoided the whole situation, but we just kept on skating.

Active: Why did they keep you in jail for so long for skateboarding?

Raymond: We would have gotten out sooner, but Dave Hoang lost his credit card and couldn’t get money out in time to bail us out. So we had to wait til the next day for Dave to get the money to bail us out.

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