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15 Years of Mark Gonzalez & Adidas @ HVW8!

Opening reception celebrating 15 years with The Gonz & Adidas Skateboarding at HVW8 Gallery. The show will still be up until June 2nd @ HVW8! Artwork by the legendary Mark Gonzalez & a photo show of some iconic photos of the Gonz from photography of Joe Brook, Benjamin Debert, Brian Gaberman, Gabe Morford, Skin Phillips, & Sem Rubio.

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KROOK3D – Video Review

I really like the new Krooked video. Not because it has banger after banger… or because it has the biggest names in skateboarding… because it doesn’t.

What it does have is skateboarding! Pure and simple. It reminds you of how fun it is to meet up with your buddies and go skate some street…


Screw parks! Go find some spots and skate some sh*t you’re not supposed to skate. You know, get kicked out because you’re not allowed to skate there not because you’re not wearing a helmet or pads… HA!


The Wallenberg Four

In anticipation of Thrasher’s “Back to the Berg” contest (5/30/09), let’s reminisce the history of the huge San Francisco 4-stair.


Back in 1991, Mark Gonzales ollied Wallenberg in Blind’s Video Days. That’s 18 years ago for all you math wizards. The stairs became a staple in skate videos throughout the early-mid 90s, with most people opting to skate the set sideways and use the stairs as ledges.

Since then, a lot of big names have landed their signature tricks down it. Andrew Reynolds frontside flipped and backside flipped it, and Chris Cole 360 flipped it. In 2004, Thrasher held a contest called “High Noon at the Big Four” where lots of hammers went down, including Reynolds’ frontside flip.

Here’s a list of notable tricks done down Wallenberg:

  • Mark Gonzales – ollie (1991)
  • Diego Bucchieri – backside 180 ollie (1998)
  • Danny Gonzalez – kickflip melon (1999)
  • Frank Gerwer – kickflip (2002)
  • Tony Manfre – switch ollie (2002)
  • Tony Manfre – switch frontside 180 (2003)
  • Steve Nesser – pop shove-it (2004)
  • Darrell Stanton – switch backside 180 ollie (2004)
  • Andrew Reynolds – frontside 180 kickflip (2004)
  • Lindsey Robertson – heelflip (2004)
  • Chris Cole – 360 Flip (2005)
  • Jeremy Reeves – pop shove-it melon (2007)
  • Andrew Reynolds – backside 180 kickflip (2007
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Wallenberg map and info
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Which tricks do you want to see go down the Wallenberg four?