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Go Skate Day 2012 VIDEO

Go Skate Day 2012 @ Active Headquarters had it all… brand new park from Monster Energy, $500 Volcom Best Trick Contest with Vans throwing in another $500 to sweeten the deal along with free BBQ for all, and all the bad ass vendors anyone could ever want to hang with, came out with enough free giveaways to fill giant Active bags and fun games to play. Props go to Daniel Espinoza for his big-flip front-board fakie to seal the win and the Volcom $500 cash!!  Big thanks to all who made this day possible including: Monster Energy, Volcom, Vans, Tec Color Craft, Active Ride shop, Oakley, Analog, Gravis, Sole Tech, Black Box, Tum Yeto, Baker Boys, Girl, Chocolate, Element, Plan B, Huf, Heelbruise, Nixon, The Hundreds, Krew/Supra, Crooks and Castles, Kayo Corp, JSLV, Primitive, Electric, Sector 9, Hurley, Rhythm, Fly Society, Orisue, Quiet Life, Know Hardware, Broadcast Wheels, Us Versus Them, Brixton

Girl & Chocolate Team Signing @ Active Costa Mesa (Photos)!

In honor of (RED) RUSH TO ZERO fundraiser campaign from Girl & Chocolate, Active Ride Shop Costa Mesa hosted a Girl & Chocolate signing June 7th at 6pm. Customers who purchase (RED) product will help to try and eliminate the HIV epidemic in our World today. Let’s do our best to sell out of every piece store wide!

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The Art Dump Presents: Clocked In @ THIS Gallery

Girl Skateboard Company‘s full-time art department “The ART DUMP” presents to you “Clocked In” @ THIS Gallery in L.A. featuring works from:
Eric Anthony, Hershel Baltrotsky, Michael Coleman, Andy Jenkins, Christian Morin, Andy Mueller, Chris Waycott



April 6th 7-11PM

THIS Gallery
5906 N. Figeroa St.
LA, CA 90042

Vans Downtown Showdown Oct. 2nd

So, I was lurking around the Thrasher website (because I got nothing better to do…) and I saw this post about the Vans Downtown Showdown that’s coming up. Shit! I totally forgot that’s coming up in a week!! Check out the video from last years event and get ready for some action on October 2nd at the Paramount Studios back lot…

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Spike Jonze – the Twizzler

Spike Jonze has got a new trick that might send MO packing in a game of SKATE. See new Lakai Commercial below:

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Bro Model Vince Capaldi by Girl


As you may know, Vince Capaldi was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer a few years ago.  His humerous bone was replaced with a metal prosthesis called Cobalt Chrome.  After the surgery he had 13 additional chemotherapy treatments to help cure his cancer.  From what I read on the website, he has finished with his treatments and so far his CT scans are clean… which is great news!

When you purchase the “Bro Model” you get a Vince Capaldi wristband as a thank you for your support and all proceeds go to the Capaldi family to help with their medical bills.

For more information please visit vincecapaldi.blogspot.com



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Smoothest style in skateboarding

Who do you think has the smoothest style in skateboarding?  We listed a few of our favorites below… Let me know yours and I’ll put him on the list!    …oh, and don’t worry, you’ll be able to rip on plenty of people next week when we post who has the sketchiest style…

Who's got the smoothest style in skateboarding right now?

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Beauty & The Beast 2

The Antihero/Girl Beauty & the Beast tour is back! In case you haven’t seen part 1, Beauty & the Beast is a tour video from two different perspectives. First, you have the Girl version with the HD camera’s and the nice editing. Second, you have the Antihero version which has more rugged footage.  Put them together, and you’ll have a video that everyone will enjoy. With names like Eric Koston, John Cardiel, Rick Howard, Tony Trujillo, and Mike Carroll you know the video is going to be amazing. Not only will this video make you want to skate, but it will make you want to pack up your junk and go on a road trip.

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Beauty or the Beast?

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Click Here for trailer and interviews

Favorite Skateboard Video Part of ALL TIME!!

Remeber the first time you saw Guy Mariano’s part in Fully Flared? JEEEZZZ!!! Or how about Jaime Thomas’s part in Welcome to Hell… or any John Cardiel part for that matter?! Those parts made you leave the house for days just to go skate…and get wrecked!! So who’s your favorite part? Let us know and we’ll put it on there…   And be sure to check back and see how your pick is doing in the poll….

What is your favorite video part of ALL TIME!?!?! Here are a few of ours... Post a comment and tell us who yours are and we'll add them to the list...

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