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New Girl Chocolate Film coming 2012

The Girl Skateboard Family is at it again… bringing us another Girl Chocolate film coming in 2012. Featuring new bucks Vincent Alzarez, Elijah Berle & Raven Tershy to name a few, plus seasoned pro’s such as Gino Iannucci, Marc Johnson, Mike Carroll, Eric Koston & more, plus Ty Evans & Spike Jonze behind the scene’s you know this is going to be another classic… can’t wait!

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Girl x Active Collab Sneak Peek!

Coming this holiday season we’ll see an exclusive collaboration between Girl Skateboards and Active Ride Shop.  The collection will feature two t-shirts (black and white) and a deck.  The tees will have a small Active graphic logo on the left chest side and then on the backside you’ll see the classic Girl logo mixed with the Active logo as the head! The Deck will feature the same logo graphic as the t-shirt, with the shape of  Girl Skateboards.  The Girl X Active collection is sick and exclusive with only a limited amount of quantities available! So keep your eyes peeled when this collection drops this holiday season!


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Girl Skateboards x Hella Kitty 2

We just got in the new Girl Skateboards x Hella Kitty 2 x Mike Carroll collab. I still don’t quite understand this, all I know is that if you want your hands on this product you should pick it up before it’s gone… hopefully forever.


“Expressing heartfelt feelings for others through small gifts and big smiles is a philosophy at Hello Kitty and what better Girl pro to share this message than your friend Mike Carroll.”

girlhellokitty2 girlhellokitty2wht

“Slice of Life” with Cory Kennedy


For most of us a typical day consists of chores, school, crappy jobs, traffic and/or a variety of other things we have to do that we don’t like. Not Cory Kennedy… This kid doesn’t have to go to school, rides for GIRL, spends all day ripping parks, and has a Roomba to do his chores for him!

Damn…I want a Roomba.

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Mini Top 5 contest winner!

Congratulations to Andrew Wong! Not only did your Top 5 question make the cut… but you will also be receiving a years supply of GIRL boards!

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The Quiet Life

We’ve talked about the famous “Art Dump” guys over at Girl Skateboards many times on the blog.  But, this time we’re going to focus on one individual, Andy Mueller.  Andy has been directing Lakai Footwear as a full time job, but on the side he has been heading up a project called The Quiet Life.  The Quiet Life is inspired by music, art and skateboarding. Their products are definitely some of the most legit I’ve seen this season. And you have to admit, you can’t go wrong with any company that makes skate apparel and ping pong cases!  Check out some of their products below.


Shop Quiet Life here.


Girl Orientation Video

When we asked GIRL if we could do an “Industry Profile” on them, they said sure but we have something better for you guys… an orientation video. Just like the crappy ones you see in school, but only better. And with pros. And skateboards. And it’s about GIRL. And it’s funny.

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Ask The Pros with Guy Mariano

7/12 UPDATE – Thanks everyone for you questions! Sorry for the delay… but Guy has been super busy lately. But rest assured, your questions are being answered real soon!

That’s right kiddos… we have GIRL‘s very own Guy Mariano in the hot seat this month!! Guy has been around for quite a while, so I’m sure everyone has a lot of questions… so hurry up! Submit your questions by June 18th.


…And as always, Guy’s favorite question will win you a bunch of GIRL gear!

Free shipping on GIRL all month! 6/1 – 6/30. Checkout code: GIRLGUY


Crailtap Mini Top 5 Contest

Thanks to everyone that submitted questions!  Girl will be picking and filming the winning Top 5 question this week! So stay tuned….

So this is our Mini Top 5 contest… everyone’s familiar with CRAILTAP’s Mini Top 5 right? Of course you are. Basically all you have to do is pick one of your favorite pros from from GIRL, FOURSTAR, CHOCOLATE, ROYAL or LAKAI and ask them a top 5 question (see examples below). Crailtap’s favorite Mini Top 5 question will be answered by that pro and win a years supply of GIRL decks! All questions must be submitted by June 15th.


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Girl + Carroll + Hello Kitty = Friendship

Girl Skateboards has teamed up with Hello Kitty to celebrate 50 years of fun and friendship. Expressing heartfelt feelings for others through small gifts and big smiles is a philosophy at Hello Kitty and what better Girl pro to share this message than your friend Mike Carroll.


The Girl Carroll Hello Kitty Collab consists of a Hello Kitty Skateboard Deck, T-Shirt and Wheels and is available now!


Girl Park Invitational 2010

Girl Park Invitational 2010 – Chase Webb representing with a goodness for Active Ride Shop at the 2010 Girl Park Invitational. Too many amazing people within skateboarding present, to even start to list. In and Out truck is customary and Churrrrrrrroooos are delicious!! Pretty sure the Girl/Choc camp rule by the use of dark magic, which makes everything they touch turn to gold… sign me up! Oh yeah, Chase got second… way to go lil champ!

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Frijoles Blancos Films is a video journal by Active’s TM Corey Cady (aka Frijoles Blancos) or “The White Beans”. He’s a skateboarding luchador who enjoys cute little things! At times he is a “Rudos”, but for the most part, he likes to consider himself a “Tecnicos”. He wears his heroes masks of old and often eats a ton of protein to keep his girlish light heavy weight frame intact! His inspirations are Woody Allen Films, Arnold (70’s), Leigh Bowery, Tommy Guerrero, Antony & the Johnsons, chicken breasts and Tamarindo Jarritos! Frijoles Blancos’ goal is to one day be worthy to dawn his own mask and not to be called, “Nacho” everywhere he goes… One day!


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