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Celebrating 20 full years of Chocolate Skateboards at Art Share L.A.! Taking a trip down memory lane with all the series of decks from right when Chocolate started, photos, memorabilia, & what not. It was awesome celebrating it with most of the OG’s from the team and the people behind it all.

out front of the Art Share in L.A.
out front of the Art Share in L.A.

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Lakai Desert Oasis

Went out to Jumbo Rocks Campgrounds at Joshua Tree for a day with Lakai and some of the Active fam from each shop who were slangin’ the most Lakai shoes (and who’s schedule permits). The weather was not too hot, not too cold. In fact, it was the best place to be. Isolated from society and no cell phone service (a lot of #latergrams.) We were climbing up on some rough rocks but well worth the view in the end. The sights were unbelievable, sorta like being at California Adventure in Disneyland… but the real thing! It was a great getaway before the Holiday season. Thank you BK & Culver for letting me tag along and document this!!!

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Recap: Fourstar Team Signing @ Active Long Beach!

How often do you get to meet your favorite pro’s? Meeting them has always been anticipating yet intimidating, especially with legends like Guy Mariano, Eric Koston, Mike Carroll, Brian Anderson, Ishod Wair, Andrew Brophy, & Tyler Bledsoe on the line-up!… The Fourstar Team came through Active Long Beach on Saturday and drew in an endless crowd! Many fans of the Fourstar team came from all over Southern California (and who knows where else) just to see their favorite pros. Everyone who attended received a raffle ticket to win a whole Fourstar collection of either a Guy, Koston, Carroll, or O’Neill line. Thanks to everybody who came out! Here are some photos from that day:

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The Art Dump Presents: Clocked In @ THIS Gallery

Girl Skateboard Company‘s full-time art department “The ART DUMP” presents to you “Clocked In” @ THIS Gallery in L.A. featuring works from:
Eric Anthony, Hershel Baltrotsky, Michael Coleman, Andy Jenkins, Christian Morin, Andy Mueller, Chris Waycott



April 6th 7-11PM

THIS Gallery
5906 N. Figeroa St.
LA, CA 90042

Who makes the best Denim??

“I don’t always wear pants… but when I do, I wear denim.” Ha!

There’s nothing like a good pair of jeans…(especially on the ladies!) But when I find a good pair of pants, I wear those things for weeks at a time. I’m stoked on Slash’s signature jean from Altamont right now…Those things have lasted a super long time…

But enough about me… what’s your favorite denim?

Who makes the best Denim?

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Shop Denim here:


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Crailtap Mini Top 5 Contest

Thanks to everyone that submitted questions!  Girl will be picking and filming the winning Top 5 question this week! So stay tuned….

So this is our Mini Top 5 contest… everyone’s familiar with CRAILTAP’s Mini Top 5 right? Of course you are. Basically all you have to do is pick one of your favorite pros from from GIRL, FOURSTAR, CHOCOLATE, ROYAL or LAKAI and ask them a top 5 question (see examples below). Crailtap’s favorite Mini Top 5 question will be answered by that pro and win a years supply of GIRL decks! All questions must be submitted by June 15th.


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A Gang of Fourstar Trailer

With a line up consisting of Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Mark Gonzales, Guy Mariano, Brian Anderson, Sean Malto, Max Schaaf, Lucas Puig, Andrew Brophy, Tyler Bledsoe and Nick Jensen, this video is sure to be nothing short of amazing.

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Fourstar Day In the Life’s Preview & Voting Poll

Fourstar Clothing is going to be putting out ‘Day in the Life’s’ with Mark Gonzales, Brian Anderson, Sean Malto, Eric Koston, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, and Max Schaaf all next week on their website. Who’s Day in the Life are you most excited about seeing?

Whose 'Day in the Life' do you want to see?

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Fourstar ‘A Tribe Called Mapquest’ Tour

Fourstar Tour

The Fourstar Team is hitting the road for their next skate trip ‘A Tribe Called Mapquest’ if you’re in any of the areas tell the Fourstar Team your friends at Active sent you!

TEMPE, AZ – OCTOBER – 15th 5pm / Cowtown, 215 W. University & 8pm / Tempe Skatepark, 8403 S. Hardy Dr
SOUTH HOUSTON, TX – OCTOBER 19th 4pm / Southside Skate Park, 510 Iowa
CUMMING, GA – OCTOBER – 23rd 6pm / TNT Skatepark, 1375 Weber Industrial Drive
WILMINGTON, NC – OCTOBER 25th 5pm / Eastern Skate Supply, 307 Old Dairy Road

Show Me Your Pirates Contest [UPDATED!]

UPDATE 8-7-08
UPDATED 8-14-08
UPDATED 9-10-08


The Fourstar Street Pirate logo, the skull and crossboards serves as a banner for skaters everywhere to show their intent on pillaging and plundering everything on the street. Over the years, Fourstar Clothing has diced and sliced it up in more ways than can be remembered. Now Fourstar and Active are giving you the chance to make it look however you want. The directions are simple,

  1. Download the Street Pirate logo here
  2. Put your own spin on the logo by coloring it, rearranging it, adding to it, subtracting from it, or whatever else you can think of. Just make it your own.
  3. Send your submission to [email protected]
  4. Check people.activerideshop.com frequently for updates. If we like your submission, (or hate it enough) we’ll put it on the site for everyone to see.
  5. The best Show Me Your Pirates logo submitted will be made into a Fourstar T-shirt graphic for their Fall 2009 collection.

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Fourstar Team at Active

The Fourstar Team came out to Active Santa Monica to work the floor, fold clothes, sell shoes and do all sorts of retail work. Guy Mariano, Eric Koston, Mike Carroll, Max Schaff, Sean Malto, Brian Anderson, and Rick Howard were all in attendance for the evening.Check out the photos and the video.In the video, the 4 Star Team was asked who they thought had the best part in the Lakai Video.

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