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Theeve Hippy Jump Contest @ Active Riverside

We jumped our way on over to Active Riverside for a special event with our friends from Theeve Trucks. There was a ton of pizza, guest appearances by Theeve pro’s Anthony Schultz, Jordan Hoffart, & Forrest Edwards! Thanks to all the Riverside locals for cruising out to this fun sesh! MIGHT AS WELL JUMP!

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LE Best Trick Video & Photo Recap

Life Extention had done it again! The Best Trick contest on the O.G. Chino 4 Block went on and not only on the 4 block but on “The Peak” too! All in all a great time, BBQ, endless pizza. Thanks to all the homies who came through that day! Here’s the video & photo recap!

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Tampa Pro 2015 Sunday Night Hijinks

How did I survive the last night of Tampa?  That’s a good question. Spent the last night with Anthony Schultz, Billy Marks, oh hey and Stance‘s Erica Yary too! This is Tampa! We got to go hard on the last day! Sushi dinner it was. The Bricks in Ybor was an added touch. I spent the time there browsing all the sick photos from past moat races. At last, we ended up singing the night away at the Karaoke bar. What a great way to end it! Thanks Tampa, you were so kind!

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Fallen Signing Recap

Here is the Video & Photo recap from the stops at Active San Diego (mission valley), Active Escondido, & Active Temecula. Hope everybody had a blast shoving donuts down their windpipes, chugging down gallons of milk, playing s.k.a.t.e. with the Fallen team, & watching Road Less Traveled on the big screen. Big thanks to everyone who came out to support, also special thanks to Brian Hansen, Jon Dickson, Tommy Sandoval, Dane Burman, Tony Cervantes, & Jamie Thomas!

Video: @Austin_Ayub
Words & Photos: Noel Ortega aka @Dirtnugz.

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Shred For Logan!

The “Shred for Logan” event was a great success! If you didn’t know, Logan Wells was skateboarding in the city of Yorba Linda at night
and was struck by a vehicle. His injuries were fatal. The Active Crew, Family and close friends had to put together something to celebrate the life of Logan. The “Shred for Logan” event took place at the Brea skatepark just down the street from Active Brea. Over a thousand people showed up to show their support. Active brought out the grill, friends made and sold some really sweet shirts to raise funds for a charity for Logan. Some other close friends of Logan’s built and painted a kinda “Ball Toss” game to win product and tees! A few different Skateboarding contests were going down all day!
The contests were held on the ledges, the drop gap, and the famous 12 stair in the actual park! Some great prizes from the sponsors! Shout out to Active, Rip N Dip, Vans, and many others! The day was amazing, finishing into the late afternoon hours. The whole crew raised about $3,000, from selling shirts, excepting donations form local kids that were friends with Logan! He has amazing friends and we will never forget Logan Wells!

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Pro-Tec Pool Party 2012 Photos

The Pro-Tec Pool Party went on last Saturday at Vans Skate Park in Orange. It was an great seeing O.G.’s like Steve Alba, Jeff Grosso, Christian Hosoi, & the original Bones Brigade crew shredding the Masters contest; Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Steve Cabellero, & Lance Mountain. Despite of the TONS of coverage already up online, here are some photos I took while from a distance…

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