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The Erica Yary Interview

Everything You Wanted To Know About Erica Yary” –Ride Channel
A really rad interview on Erica Yary with her humble beginnings here at Active, bringing up this blog you’re reading, also where she’s been after being here and so forth. Side note: Thinking of it now, I probably wouldn’t have my job without her 😉
Check out the full interview on >> Get Born Mag <<

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Skate Mental Contest!

We Have A Winner!!!

Congratulations to Scott DeYager from Long Beach California!!!


Be on the look out for a box of goodies comin’ your way courtesy of Skate Mental and Active!

Brad Staba wants to give you something… but I’m not really sure what?? I guess that depends on how good (or bad) your designs are for this Skate Mental contest. Basically, you just have to come up with a board graphic for them… You might win something, you might not. Haha…It’s totally up to Brad. :)


Just click HERE or on the image below for the template and official rules. All entries must be submitted to [email protected] or you can print out your design and mail it to:

Active 12087  Landon Drive Mira Loma, CA 91752 Attn: SIAM

The deadline to submit your designs is August 12th.


Shop Skate Mental here:


Copenhagen: CPH PRO

I recently went on a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. There were a few skate contests going on a Beauty & The Beast tour stop and many many all nighters. You can go to every other skate site right now and find footage of the finals and best trick, which gets old after the third time you see Malto nollie flip the hip. So I tried my best to capture a slightly different perspective. Hope you enjoy.

Oh I also recently caught up with Copenhagen and sat her down for a little Q&A.

Me: So Copenhagen, loved my time there! Can you explain yourself to someone who has never visited you?

Copenhagen: Awh thanks, you can call me CPH for short. Well I’d describe myself as sunny and very attractive. I don’t really sleep much. I think I have a drinking problem and all that stuff. I eat really well though. I spend all my money because my currency is hard to understand.

Me: Interesting. Wow! Did you enjoy the company from all the skaters last week?

CPH: Most certainly! They shred! Hey, sorry, I’ve gotta hop on my bike and go, there’s a futbol game at the pub and a pint with my name on it. See ya soon?

Me: Yes, hopefully! Take care

– Eric McHenry

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Check out Eric’s BLOG here!

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Industry Profile – Matix

Ever wondered what it takes to run a successful company in the skateboard industry? I mean, really, this is serious business. Tim Gavin and his crew run a tight ship over at Matix headquarters, otherwise known as Podium Distribution. There’s no time for jokes or horseplay.

And they’ll tell you…you’ve got to be ALL business at ALL times!

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Free shipping and Free socks on Matix!
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Mike Carroll Answers YOUR Questions

Mike Carroll spends an afternoon with Active’s own Erica Yary answering YOUR questions, shootin’ cans & sippin’ on 40’s.

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